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Meet the Moguls – Voodrew

Voodrew is a troubled young man.  When you love movies as much as this idiot,… the time spent watching movies that suck becomes a personal affront.

 A deep personal slight.

Voodrew has spent the last 12 years creating art for video games for many many companies, including  Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon and Miramax …and Voodrew knows from CG effects in movies. Don’t even try to pass off horrible special effects and pretend it doesn’t upset people, because it does.

Knowing how many hands that decisions have to pass through to make it to the big screen, should minimize the amount of bad ones in his opinion. They don’t though, and he will tell you.

Voodrew loves movies that are smarter than they appear to be, movies that have 50 layers that reveal themselves upon multiple watchings… and movies about things that are ugly but have a big heart.

Voodrew also loves Jesus and has a restraining order against Corey Feldman.


Meet the Moguls!

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