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Meet the Moguls – Davenpoe

You know that guy you hear in the video store or in line at the movies who’s always talking a little louder than everybody else?  Who thinks his opinion on whatever inane thing he’s obviously been spending his free time thinking about is not only absolutely infallible and absolutely correct but absolutely the only one that matters?

The film school grad? The guy who wrote a RIDICULOUS set of action movies in the early 90’s that no one saw but still manages to work them into conversation whenever possible to this day?

The guy who always ruins your favorite TV shows and/or films by pointing out flaws that are so far removed from the audience experience that no one could possibly gather enough enthusiasm to give a rip even if they WERE so inclined – which they’re not?  Ever.

The kind of guy about whom you just can’t help but think “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?”

Yeah, that’s me.  Davenpoe.  Pleasetameetcha.  And yes, I too wonder why I’m not rich.

Now, about “Extreme Force” starring international action star Hector Echavarria…


Meet the Moguls!

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