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The first movie I saw in the theater was a matinee showing of “Coalminer’s Daughter” in auditorium one at the Pasco Twin Theater in Dade City, FL.  The film starred the always-impeccable Sissy Spacek as the struggling, poor-as-dirt singer Loretta Lynn.  That afternoon at the cinema was a life-altering moment for this reviewer, as that was the very day I became a life-long fan of… country-western music!

It wasn’t until my brothers and I watched “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” literally every day of the summer that I realized I loved movies.  And not until I saw Tim Burton’s “Batman” a whopping 13 times in the theater that I was certain I wanted to make them one day.  Now some 10 years (read: 21 years) later, that day has come and I can rest on my laurels, and give myself a hardy handshake, having produced a few movies that ended up on DVD after film school. 

But I’ve learned that when you make a movie that ends up on DVD, you don’t want to rest on laurels.  You want to keep trying! You want to come up with the great American movie! You want to make something that will appeal to the masses, not just the folks who watch late-night cable.  You want to tap into that part of the collective consciousness that jettisons a farm boy from a long long time ago into hero with his own lunchbox. You spend countless hours trying to come up with memorable scenes like a horse head in the bed, or a teenage boy bedding his apple pie!  You want them to “Like me!” to “Really like me!” (Exhale)

So.  I’m still trying, and I produce the occasional short, I DP the occasional Indie Film, and I teach at the occasional film school.  And in between, I try to make sense of what Hollywood is doing nowadays.  I wonder what movies are being watched every single day of the summer this year. 

(Sigh) It’s prolly “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”


Meet the Moguls!

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