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January 2, 2014

Greetings Moguls! In case you didn’t hear, The Armchair has moved to its NEW SITE! You can still reach us at our old address but we prefer you use the brand new one: It’s a little flashier, a little cozier, and there’s a lot more room for content, pics, puns, and all the general nonsense you’ve […]


September 19, 2013

Howdy Moguls! This is a new column we’re trying out where we attempt to piece together the story of a movie based solely on its poster and a few character names. We call it: We figured we’d kick off the column with Tom Jung’s classic 1977 Star Wars piece…here it is in all its glory. […]

STAR TREK: The Measure of a Fan

May 20, 2013

All this talk about NuTrek got me thinking about old Trek and sci-fi in general – which, to be honest, I’m usually on the brink of doing at any given moment anyway, so…win-win. Sci-fi has always been at its heart, a series of spiffed-up morality tales; an effort to explore and answer life’s BIG QUESTIONS: […]


March 6, 2013

Okay, let’s talk about this. In case you haven’t heard, DC’s so pleased with the Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Man of Steel, that they’ve scrapped their Justice League movie plans (again), and decided to hand the whole universe over to Christopher Nolan (Insomnia), Zack Snyder (Suckerpunch) and David Goyer (The Crow 2: City […]


December 31, 2012

Yup! It’s time for the FOURTH annual Chairy Awards!! It’s time for us to look back at all the things we decided to spend our hard-earned money on and put off re-thinking our financial priorities for just a few minutes more. And since he’s not mentioned in our awards, we’ll go ahead and make Psy our official […]


December 30, 2012

Hey Armchair Moguls…where’ve you been?? That’s the content of all the emails we’ve received over the last couple of months and the simple answer is: Raising babies. But now that we’ve kinda got a hold of that, it’s time to move on to something truly important – YES, summertime! Time for all the sudios to […]

International Women’s Day Top 5!

March 8, 2012

Happy International Women’s Day! We at the Armchair offices were planning to celebrate by looking at pictures of international women all day, but after realizing we had misinterpreted a couple of things, we decided instead to post a tribute to some ladies who best represent gender equality in the world of geekdom. Let’s start the countdown….! 5. […]


February 8, 2012

I dunno, man. I’m trying. I really am, but…this…this can’t be right, right? Right?

2011 in review

January 5, 2012

As some of you know, The stats helper monkeys prepare a 2011 annual report for their blogs. We at the Armchair thought it’d be fun to share last year’s stats with you guys. Enjoy! (oh, and make sure you click the link at the bottom or this’ll be a real short trip) Here’s an […]


December 31, 2011

It’s that time again…! Once again we roll credits on yet another year of Hollywood hits and misses where we, the moguls of media, get to sit back, relax and call the shots on the best and worst movies, TV shows, characters and pop culture moments 2011 had to offer. And now, without further stalling […]