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Evil Dead: Not Your Mother’s Horror Flick…it’s the remake of it

April 7, 2013

Let me start this review by letting you know that I don’t get out to the movie theater as often as I’d like, but for me, EVIL DEAD was a given.  I was going to see this movie.  In fact, the worn out VHS of the original THE EVIL DEAD is partly responsible for my […]

Yo Joe…what up with your movie?

November 30, 2009

Greetings Moguls, Over this long Thanksgiving holiday I got the chance to catch up on DVD a flick I somehow missed in theaters:  GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.   First off, is it really the rise of the Cobra? It seems like Cobra’s underwater lair is pretty well-established from the start.   You know […]

Thanks for the Mammaries!

November 25, 2009

Looks like you reached our old site! Click here to read this very article on our new and improved site, featuring up to date articles and our new ArmchairMogul Podcast! On this Thanksgiving Day, as I peruse the sale ads for the perfect Bluray player to shop for on Black Friday, I’d like to take a moment […]

The “V” Monologue

November 4, 2009

I watched the season premiere of ABC’s remake of “V” tonight and I must say, I feel a little jipped. Not jipped by a lack of good special effects, there were plenty of those. Not jipped by a lack of fighting, shooting, or yelling.  Plenty of those too. Actually I feel jipped because there was […]

The Riches of “Eastwick” (see what I did there?)

October 29, 2009

ABC’s Eastwick: more than a guilty pleasure? The new fall tv season is in full swing and I thought that Eastwick was going to be one of those “take one for the team” shows. You know, one that the wife picks out in exchange for True Blood. Turns out I think I like it more […]