Armchair Mogul
The (backseat) driving force behind Hollywood. Way behind.

Inaction In Action: The View from the Armchair…

Why Armchair Mogul you may ask?  Who needs one, you ask?  Where’s that five bucks I loaned you, you ask?

Ever catch yourself watching a movie or TV show and find yourself thinking, “OH COME ON!!!  Who thought THAT was a good idea?! I could do better than that!!” only to later cry yourself to sleep (again), because you know deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties that you never, ever, ever will?

Not because you’re not talented, though maybe you aren’t.

Not because you aren’t connected, though maybe you aren’t.

Not even because you’re not driven, though chances are you aren’t.

No…you’ll never do better because, quite frankly, where’s the fun in that?  Sure there’s the riches, fame and the endless, endless sensual pleasures that come with Hollywood success – but really, who’s got the time?  Wouldn’t it be just as satisfying to sit back in your comfy armchair and tell Hollyrock what they’re doing wrong (and occasionally right) from the privacy of your own hole in the wall?

Well, brothers and sisters, you’ve come to the right place.  This is your forum.  This is your pulpet.  From here, you can shout on high, bark orders, rewrite, edit, malign and backseat drive the fat cats of Hollywood all from the comfort of your safe, cushiony, anonymous ARMCHAIR.

Hollywood is your playground.  You are the MOGUL.

Welcome home.

P.S. I spent your five bucks.  It’s gone. You have to move on now.

Meet the Moguls!

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