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Were The Man of Steel Posters Directed by J.J. Abrams?

May 21, 2013

Did the geek world become a lot brighter over the last few years? Are modern cameras not built to handle this much light? Observe the posters for the upcoming Star Trek …urm, Man of Steel. Ok, ok, I get it. It’s a neat effect and one poster does not a trend make. Wait a minute… Excuse […]

STAR TREK: The Measure of a Fan

May 20, 2013

All this talk about NuTrek got me thinking about old Trek and sci-fi in general – which, to be honest, I’m usually on the brink of doing at any given moment anyway, so…win-win. Sci-fi has always been at its heart, a series of spiffed-up morality tales; an effort to explore and answer life’s BIG QUESTIONS: […]