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Okay, let’s talk about this.

In case you haven’t heard, DC’s so pleased with the Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Man of Steel, that they’ve scrapped their Justice League movie plans (again), and decided to hand the whole universe over to Christopher Nolan (Insomnia), Zack Snyder (Suckerpunch) and David Goyer (The Crow 2: City of Angels, Kickboxer 2).

Talk about the keys to the Bat Cave…!


So everyone loves Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and why wouldn’t we? It’s a (mostly) down-to-earth take on the Batman legend – something that lends a sense of legitimacy and possibility to the cape and cowl.

But does that real-world take on the super hero genre have universal appeal? Or is it specific to Batman? Batman works because he’s just a guy. He’s got infinite resources but no powers. That kind of thing lends itself perfectly to the Nolan brand of storytelling. It’s a solid universe with solid rules that we all accept and understand. Why?

Because it’s OUR world.

For all intents and purposes, the Dark Knight trilogy takes place in our world at the present time.  Ergo, explanations not necessary.


Well…maybe some.

But overall, there are no lengthy conversations that need to explain the existence of Amazons, space police or Martians. There are no underwater men, no magicians, no bird people.

There was a cat woman, but she was never referred to as such and her resemblance to her feline namesake was only subliminal at best…and even THAT was slightly ridiculous. Yes, as realistic as Catwoman was portrayed,  even HER presence was a little outlandish and out of place.

So what’s gonna happen when THIS GUY shows up???


Well, as we see it, it all rides on Man of Steel. Here’s a story about an alien from another planet for Pete’s sake.  It doesn’t get less plausible than that. This is the new DC film universe’s take on Superman. If this Superman works in a real word setting, maybe…just maybe…it can exist in the same universe as Bale’s Batman.


And if THAT’s the case, well…hold on to your butts, cuz the real world’s about to get a WHOLE LOT FREAKIER.




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