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Armchair Talkback Discussion Point: Is “The book was SO much better” still a valid complaint?

“Meh, it was ok. The book was soooo much better.”   – Most of us at some point in life

Fanboys, I’m going to raise a question you’re probably not going to like. As we find ourselves finished with all the Harry Potter Movies, we are rapidly approaching the release of The Hunger Games with hopeful optimism; it’s got me quite pensive (excuse the expression.)

I have recently had the discussion with myself as to whether I will allow myself to pick the Hunger Games apart based on how much I love the novels. Is that a standard thing everyone goes through?

I would probably say with confidence that 80-90% of the movie goers out there have said, (or would agree at least) “It’s impossible to fit a 700 page novel into a 2 hour movie.” That seems to be understood for the most part. The main sources of debate come from what they actually left in the story or what they left out.

I remember finding myself talking to people who LOVED the first Harry Potter movie, and I found the urge to not let them enjoy it as much as they did. “Dude, you think you liked the movie? THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER!” That extends past the realm of fanboy complaint of material and more of a jerky “Why can’t I just allow people to like it on it’s own merit?”

The question I present to you is… “The book was so much better.” still a valid complaint?

Is that like saying …a love song that was inspired by a relationship wasn’t as good as the relationship itself?

Even though we KNOW that they won’t be able to fit everything in the book into the movie, should we allow a movie to stand on it’s own, and let people who have never read the book simply enjoy it on it’s own?

Can you judge two separate mediums separately, completely on their own merit?

Discuss below, Moguls! Let’s sort this out for humanity once and for all.


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