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First Publicity Still for THE LONE RANGER Revealed!

The Lone Ranger “reimagining” (starring Johnny Depp) has been in development hell for quite some time, but it has finally started production!

Why, God? Why?

Now, I consider myself pretty “movie savvy,” but even I was pretty taken aback when I saw that Depp was NOT  playing The Ranger himself, but TONTO?

What? Why?

Are there seriously no Native American actors left on the planet to play one of the most Native American roles in history?
And why does the mask make Armie Hammer look like Jamie Kennedy?


What do you think, Moguls?

5 Responses to “First Publicity Still for THE LONE RANGER Revealed!”

  1. FUN FACT: The Lone Ranger, whose name is John Ried, eventually has a decendant named Britt Ried, who of course become the Green Hornet!

    Both are masked outlaws with “exotic” sidekicks who fight crime.

    That said, let’s hope John’s movie fares better than Britt’s.

  2. Well, in order to make the history work, Kato in the next Green Hornet movie has to be played by Michael Cera.

  3. It’s “Hiyo Silver!”

  4. The central question for me is whether I will ever be able to read the name “Armie Hammer” and not giggle a bit.

  5. Depp is Cherokee on both sides, so, i guess that works.

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