Armchair Mogul
The (backseat) driving force behind Hollywood. Way behind.


I dunno, man.

I’m trying. I really am, but…this…this can’t be right, right?



  1. It looks like that is what Chris Evans is thinking in his head.

  2. Is that Evans or a stuntman?

  3. I reeeeealy hope that’s a stuntman. But it doesn’t look like it to me…

  4. I am hoping so too. And I am seriously questioning whether that’s Scarlett Johanssen’s gluteus maximus peeking into the frame from the left or a stunt-posterior.

    It all looks a bit too cartoony, reminds me of some early stills from the Captain America film in which we saw a stuntman featured. In context, it looked fine in the film but as a still it was too easy to pick apart.

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