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The 2011 Armchair Hottie Awards!

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As we say goodbye to 2011, we must reflect and pay homage to the players in the entertainment industry that made our hearts go aflutter.

Of COURSE they are talented, of COURSE they are smart …and stuff… it’s a given, but they are definitely not hard on the eyes either.
The fine folks here at Armchair Mogul (and friends) took a vote, and we picked the ten celebs that made us watch just a little bit longer this year!

So sit back and feast your eyes on OUR picks, in our Second Annual Armchair Hottie Awards: Top Ten of 2011! GET IT ON!

Alison Brie (Community)

Alison Brie Sexy

We would like to begin with the beautiful and talented Alison Brie.
Community is a show that has made Armchair very happy with it’s off kilter and geeky humor …and there have been a few women on the show who have been gorgeous. BUT! We have to give the prize to Ms. Brie.

Community Sex
We are not the only people to notice her beautiful peepers (and eyes too), even the show’s Executive Producer Dan Harmon has been quoted as saying…

“I do try many times a season to put Alison [Brie] in a situation, wardrobe-wise, that I know is going to end up as an animated GIF file! I observe that stuff and the way people are consuming it, because I’m a nerd too and I love to obsess about my favorite TV shows.”

You mean like the one below?

Alison Brie Clay We are making the same face.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Alison’s Mom is actually a teacher at a Community College?

Joe Manganiello (Alcide on True Blood)

He’s handsome, he’s rugged, and his body is not below room temperature like his other True Blood colleagues.

Joe Manganiello Sexy
When we see Joe Manganiello, out first reaction is: “OH, COME ON! Seriously?! That’s not even fair.”

Our second reaction is “Why THE HELL did they not cast him in the new Superman movie?” He would have been PERFECT! According to the rumblings abound the internets, Manganiello was approached for the role as ol’ Supes, but his shooting schedule on True Blood conflicted. Well, crap.

Joe Manganiello HotAlright, seriously…knock it off.

Joe can definitely give Taylor Lautner a run for his money in the “sexy wolf department.” Ladies, does he win?

Fun Fact: Do you recognize Joe as Flash Thompson, Spider-man’s High School nemesis in Spider-man 1 and 3?

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)

Sofia Vergara Hot

Do we understand a word that she is saying? No. Does it matter?

To say ‘no’ would be an insult to her talent. Sure, she is absolutely gorgeous, but she also has great comedic timing and is huge star overseas.  This year, she has proven that men love the curvy and mature ladies instead of the skinny chic of yesteryear. It’s 2011 and “make mine Sofia.”

Sofia Vergara Collage

 Fun Fact: Be sure to read this in her accent: “I’m a natural blonde. But when I started acting, I would go to auditions and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent–but I had blonde hair. It was ignorance: they thought every Latin person looks like Salma Hayek.”

Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Shame, Dangerous Method)

Michael Fassbender Handsome Mofo

Fassbender makes it on our list because… the guy has class.

Like ‘old school James Bond’ kinda class.

We cheered him on as the conflicted hero/villain in X-Men: First Class, especially when he was laying some hurtin’ on some Nazis. But he also made us understand (on deeper level) the conflict of being friend to Charles Xavier and knowing you have to do your own thing. Absolutely inspired casting, we must say.

Michael Fassbender TurtleNeck

The man also is involved in two other extremely sexy roles this year (Shame and Dangerous Method) that have caught quite a bit of attention.
With an upcoming role in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, Fassbender seems like he is here to stay. And we are fine with it.

X-Men FassbenderNot very many people can pull off  “gun metal and yellow.”

Fun Fact: Quentin Tarantino once said of Fassbender: “You know the man eats, breathes, lives film. You could bring up the most obscure movie, like some (*&^%$) Swedish film from 1963 or whatever and he’ll know it. It’s quite staggering, actually, his encyclopedia of knowledge.”

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica on True Blood)

Deborah Ann Woll Sexy

She’s a redhead.

She’s sexy.

She’s a little psycho and might kill you on accident.

Sign us up.

Fangtasia Jessica

Baby Vamp Jessica got some mixed reviews when she was first introduced in the True Blood family, but this year she really came into her own. She is now a stand alone… solid character of the franchise.
Deborah Ann Woll can be sexy, but also has a classic beauty all to herself. She recently posed sans makeup (and sans wardrobe) for Allure magazine.

Deborah Ann Woll Allure magazine

Bill Compton and Eric Northman can have Sookie, we will take Jessica.

Fun Fact: Deborah is almost 5′ 11″!

Bradley Cooper (Hangover II, Limitless)

Bradley Cooper Hot

Sure, he is this year’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, but Armchair also loves him for his acting chops. The dude’s got skillz.

Limitless was one of the most underrated flicks of this year, and Cooper was the best part of the whole movie. He has played some filler roles in the past, but after his casting in the first Hangover, his career has kind of skyrocketed, and we’re happy about that.

Bradley Cooper Sexy

Fun Fact: Cooper missed his college graduation ceremony because he was filming ‘Wet Hot American Summer.’ More people were at the graduation ceremony than saw that movie.

Joy Bryant (Parenthood)

Joy Bryant Stunning

NBC’s Parenthood has the Armchair collective quite smitten this year, but no one on the show has us quite as smitten as the stunningly beautiful Joy Bryant.

Joy Byrant Sexy

But before we go too far into why we love Joy… here is a picture of her entering the Call of Duty: Black Ops Video Game Launch Party wearing a Metallica …And Justice For All shirt.

Joy Bryant Metallica

Do we need to even keep typing?

Fun Fact: She’s got beauty and brains! Joy received a FULL academic scholarship to Yale University. Homina.

Chris Evans (Captain America)

Chris Evans Sexy

Here’s what rules about Chris Evans:

With his earlier roles, he could have easily been pigeonholed into the “handsome young smartass,” but this year in Captain America, he made us believe that super heroes could actually exist.

Chris Evans Shirtless

Chris’ role as Steve Rogers was so sincerely done that we couldn’t help but be completely immersed into the world of Cap! It made us feel like a kid again! Plus, the ladies love a man in uniform, right? We can’t wait for The Avengers!

Sexy Man in Uniform

Fun Fact: Sure, he also played the Human Torch in the Fantastic 4, but we will forget those movies were ever made. Savvy?

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey being Zooey

Ahhh, Zooey.
Zooey, Zooey, Zooey.

Can a girl be simultaneously sexy and COMPLETELY nerdy at the same time? YES!
Zooey has been the object of affection to many a nerd and hipster over the last 5 or 10 years, but she she had proven her comedy chops in FOX’s new show The New Girl!

Zooey Both Nerdy Sexy

She has won over our geek hearts in such staples as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Elf, The Simpsons, Almost Famous and Your Highness… and she shows no signs of slowing.
We may not be a HUGE fan of her singing (sorry Zooey) but we will always have a spot for those baby blues.

Zooey SailorFun Fact: Yes indeed, that IS her sister, Emily Deschanel on the hit TV show BONES!

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Chris Hemsworth Sexy Mofo

As word came though that a Thor movie was being made, a lot of us here at Armchair thought “How could they possibly make us care about Thor? He has a hammer and minces around on a rainbow bridge, so what?!”
But thanks to the brilliant ‘Shakespearean’ directing of Kenneth Branagh and the ‘charming as hell’ main role filled by Hemsworth, we were totally sold.

Chris Hemsworth Shirtless

We first noticed Hemsworth’s superb acting as Captain Kirk’s doomed Dad in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, and we’ve loved him ever since.
As we mentioned earlier, we can’t WAIT for The Avengers next summer – where rumors are abound that The Mighty Thor and Captain America just might come to fisticuffs in the film.
We’re there!!

Chris Hemsworth Avengers

Fun Fact: Chris’ younger brother Liam is playing the role of Gale in next summer’s The Hunger Games! Will he make it onto next years list? Stay tuned!

What do you think, Moguls?

Did we nail it?

Are we nuts?

Sound off!

Can’t get enough Hotties? Check our list from last year and see what you missed!


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  1. EPIC. POST. Great, great job! I’m sure you hated doing all that research…

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