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OUR 100th POST

Howdy Moguls!

Welcome to our 100th post!

When we started Armchair Mogul back in October 2009, it was purely for the love of the game. We love movies. We love TV shows. We love being entertained.

But with that love, as with all love, comes…some constructive criticism. It’s long been our goal here in the armchair that we never complain about something unless we also know how to fix it. And so, over the last two years, we’ve offered up hundreds of solutions to some of Hollywood’s biggest ongoing problems. Never did we dream it would lead to such a lucrative money-making machine.

And with good reason.

Neverthless, we pressed on. We’ve commented on blockbusters, praised our favorite creators, cast upcoming movies, slammed overused gimmicks and even made some existential arguments about the state of the arts.

We’ve had some writers drop out. We’ve some step up. We’ve run polls, played pranks and even had a couple of production babies along the way!

We just wanted to thank all our subscribers for sticking with us, for speaking up and chiming in. It’s no fun barking into the void unless occasionally someone barks back. Besides, there’s always room in the armchair for one more, so tell a friend and let’s all complain together!

Remember, until Hollywood starts getting it right, we’ll be here. You hear that Green Lantern!? WE’LL. BE. HERE.

We leave you with some fun facts about our run thus far…

OUR BIGGEST POST:  Say it. Say it. A rant about The Twilight Saga.

OUR MOST LINKED POST:  Thanks for the Mammaries! A Thanksgiving post about Beverly DeAngelo’s nude scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation

OUR BEST SELLING POST:  Armchair’s Response to College Humor’s “Lost’s Unanswered Questions (that were actually answered)”

OUR BEST CALL:  Being Pam Beesly: Part 2 – Wham! Bam! Where’s our Pam? A diatribe on the writing of an Office character that was systematically addressed by the writers of the popular NBC show.

OUR BUSIEST DAY:  May 28th, 2010 with over 3,000 views, thanks to Voodrew’s Lost post.

MOST RECURRING SEARCH TERM:  James Woods. Yes. James Woods.


  • Ryan Reynolds abs
  • Dreamworks eyebrow
  • Robocop nudity
  • Manly things
  • Drooling idiot
  • Easy women
  • Mila Kunis bra
  • Why can’t I be Superman
  • your are the apple of my eye behind the screen spiderman
  • emotional torture
  • gay bikers
  • batderp
  • real vampires
  • wolverine baby grow
  • plavix images
  • watch out we got ourselves a badass
  • macbeth is “not relatable” tragic hero
  • dad, your an idiot
  • wolf porn
  • anne hathaway fingers
  • logic so rare it’s a superpower

Yeah. We think that about sums it up.


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