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ArmchairMogul’s “Who Played the Best…” (Live Action) Batman Edition: Part 1

Batman vs Batman

Hello Moguls!

Upon inspection, we have found that MOST of our recent articles have been about comic book movies and opinions thereof. 

Since Armchair Mogul was recently voted as “Most Important Website of Our Time,” (Thanks Mom) we figured we would just decide once and for all who “got it right.”

Lets settle this once and for all… in our very first “Who Played the Best…” (Live Action/Non-Animated) Batman Edition.


Who is the Best Batman?


Who is the Best Joker?


Who is the Best Catwoman?

Bruce Wayne

Who's the Best Bruce Wayne?

One actor might have ROCKED as Batman, but is not so much Bruce. Who’s the best?

2 Responses to “ArmchairMogul’s “Who Played the Best…” (Live Action) Batman Edition: Part 1”

  1. Maybe we need a separate piece to honor the excellent voice actors who have lent their talents to the animated versions of these characters.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Bruce Wayne category either. Love Christian Bale as Bruce…not loving his Batman so much…

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