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For those who don’t know, DC is cowl-deep in a lawsuit with the estate of the Superman’s creators who are suing for rights to the Man of Tomorrow.  One of the early casualties has been Supe’s trademark (or maybe not so trademarked?) red trunks and yellow belt.

With Zack Snyder currently helming a (nother?!?!?) Superman reboot, “Man of Steel“, the new costume has been designed as a trunkless, beltless blue on blue number.  See it HERE.

In light of the fact that someone literally sued the pants off of Superman, it’s clear that neither bullets nor Kryptonite have the stopping power of the American legal system.

So in honor of the K.I.A. UNDERPANTS OF STEEL, The Armchair proudly presents a glimpse into what may have been.

In a world without lawsuits, Superman might still have his pants.


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