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Hey, did you guys catch last week’s episode of Kramer?

No? Well how about that Office spin-off, the one about Dwight? No?

Well did you at least catch that Shrek spin-off movie about Donkey?

You didn’t?

Those things don’t exist, you say?

Those characters work best in short bursts of comic relief you say?

Putting those characters front and center in their own stories would mean stretching a one-note joke too thin, you say?

In order for a comedic sidekick to exist and thrive as a story’s protagonist, you’d have to change the rules of the world they inhabit into something dumbed-down and predictable, something nearly unrecognizable from the world previously established, you say?

Profits are not equivalent to quality, you say?

Brevity is the soul of wit, you say?

Okay, gotcha. Thanks for setting me straight.

By the way, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Cars 2 are in theatres now.

Puss in Boots won’t be here till November.

2 Responses to “SPIN CITY”

  1. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!! THANK YOU!!! We saw Pirates against our better judgment, and felt the exact same way… BIZARRE (but mostly just boring). I was, however, hoping Cars 2 would have some sort of normal main protagonist, but I think you’re telling me Mater is that person. Yikes.

    • If you didn’t see the first movie, there’d be ZERO indication that Lightning McQueen was ever the star of the first story.

      This is the first Pixar film I’ve ever seen that I just didn’t care how it ended up. There’s not a whole lot there for adults. The characters are REEEALLY 2 dimensional and no one cares about Mater’s dramatic arc from unaware idiot to self aware idiot.

      That said, this movie is made just for kids and feels like it should be on TV, not in theatres. Your boys’ll LOVE IT TO DEATH.

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