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Satin Tights 2: Satin Harder!

Howdy, Moguls!

Here’s an exclusive Armchair Remix of what the new Wonder Woman outfit could’ve looked like, courtesy of our very own Voodrew:



Whaddaya think, Moguls? How do you like your Amazons?

2 Responses to “Satin Tights 2: Satin Harder!”

  1. She looks a LOT better without the long pants. Great work! She needs a real tiara not that thing. Otherwise, looking a lot better. Also can we lose the shine?

    Again awesome work- so much better than what they came up with.

  2. Sorry. One more thing…I really wanted to emphasize that with Just this one BRILLIANT fix and I can live with it. But the belt and tiara are still awful. 🙂

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