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In Your Satin Tights…

Okay, so as you probably already heard, Wonder Woman’s returning to TV under the wacky guidance of Ally McBeal’s David E. Kelly.


In spite of this (AND knowing how The Armchair feels about Wonder Woman) we’ve attempted to remain cautiously optimistic. After all, we DO live in the age of The Dark Knight, an era that seems to “get it” when it comes to comic book properties, unlike the stupid nineties (Steel, Batman and Robin, etc). 

But today they released our first glimpse of the new outfit.

So now, we at The Armchair invite you to take the following pop quiz:

You will be presented with THREE versions of the Wonder Woman outfit.
One is a fake. One is a Halloween costume. One is the real deal.

Your job is to decide which is the actual costume from the new show.

We’re not saying you can’t guess which is which, but we are saying it should be easier to guess.

Alright. Pencils down. You freaked out yet?

Yeah. Same here.

One Response to “In Your Satin Tights…”

  1. Can you NOT love tights? I want these in every color! Im kind of done with leggings but tights are awesome!

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