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Armchair Hottie Awards: Top Ten of 2010

As we say goodbye to 2010, we must reflect and pay homage to the players in the entertainment industry that made our hearts go aflutter.

Of COURSE they are talented, of COURSE they are smart …and stuff… it’s a given, but they are definitely not hard on the eyes either.

The fine folks here at Armchair Mogul (and friends) took a vote, and we picked the ten celebs that made us watch just a little bit longer this year!

So sit back and feast your eyes on OUR picks, in our First Annual Armchair Hottie Awards: Top Ten of 2010!

Female Hotties:

There seem to be two recurring themes on this year’s list … “Girls Who Can Kick Butt” and “Tight Leather Outfits,” but honestly, when is that EVER not in style?

  • Olivia Wilde as Quorra in: Tron

Quorra is what all of us that grew up in the 80’s assumed all hot chicks would look like in 2010. A bob cut in a tight leather and spandex outfit that lights up, and living in some sort of computer virtual world. Sure, we all love Olivia Wilde, but her wide-eyed, butt kicking virtual chick in Tron really made us feel like we were in the future.

 We would all happily be Quorra’s Jules Verne.

Fun Fact: According to the costume designer of Tron: “The lighting was powered by lithium batteries. And they didn’t last long. We could only get about 12 minutes out of Sam Flynn’s suit before the battery died. We had a remote control station so we could monitor the power of all the suits and we knew who was about to die.” – LA Times December 8, 2010 

  • Mila Kunis in: The Book of Eli and The Black Swan

Mila has been part of a TON of ensemble casts, but when she is on screen, we can’t take our eyes off her. 2010 not only brought us Book of Eli and a super sexy role in Black Swan (for which she has a love scene with the lovely Natalie Portman,) but a small role in Date Night and her continuing voiceover work in Family Guy. One thing is for sure, no matter what she does in 2011, we will be first in line.

Fun Fact: Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are really good friends, which made their “love scene” in Black Swan very awkward to film. ““It was pretty awkward, I almost feel like it would be easier to do it with someone you didn’t know,” she said. “But, having said that, it was great to have a friend there who, we could laugh and make jokes and get over it together.”
– OK! Magazine

  • Neytiri in: Avatar

Who said you had to be a human to be a hottie? Not us! It’s kind of hard NOT to include the major hottie of the “Movie of the Century” in our little poll.

Sure, she’s blue, …and has a tail …aaand is about 4.5 feet taller than you are, …but all that together is still 100 times hotter than Megan Fox’s ‘toe thumb.’ Neytri is not only a hottie, she’s a way of life (see below)

  • Katy Perry in: Everything


Katy Perry OWNED 2010. You can’t turn around without seeing her classic “Pin-Up” good looks, or hearing one of her “catchy-as-hell” songs. When she isn’t getting kicked off of Sesame Street for showing too much cleavage, she is singing to the troops wearing cupcakes as a bra.

Sure, she likes to play dress up, and we are 100% fine with it. 2010 was also the year she got married to comedian Russell Brand, which means she has a great sense of humor.  We loves us some Katy.

Fun Fact: Katy released a self-titled Gospel album in 2001 under the name ‘Katy Hudson,’ before going mainstream.

  • Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in: Iron Man 2.

The curves, the skin tight cat suit, the fight scenes, the curves, the red hair, the sexy secretary outfit… the ‘taking down Jon Favreau with one scissor kick to the neck’ thing… did we mention the skin tight cat suit and all the curves?

Hmmmm…*sigh*…..wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yes! Scar Jo hits the list as one of our almost completely unanimous picks this year. We all hope to see more of you in 2011.


Fun Fact: Emily Blunt was originally cast in the role as Black widow, but soon realized it conflicted with her role in Gulliver’s Travels.

Male Hotties:

The ladies have chosen quite the mixed group of guys this year! One thing is certain, there are abs EVERYWHERE.

  • Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Guy) in: The Old Spice Commercials

Not sure if you agree with this? Watch your girlfriend or wife when these commercials come on. It doesn’t matter if she is performing elective brain surgery, she will drop the scalpel to watch it. The ‘Old Spice Guy’ seems to have it, and he seems to be bringing back the need to “be a man, man” (instead of a manicured hipster that smells a like Abercrombie & Fitch.) Sure, she says “I love those commercials because they are funny.” But what she means is “I want him in my shower.” Ladies Love Cool Isaiah and this blog is now diamonds.

Fun Fact: Mustafa recently signed a talent deal with NBC due to the attention he garnered from the commercial.

  • Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman in: True Blood


The only 100% unanimous vote from everyone who sent in their ballots… Eric Northman from True blood seems to have won over the women folk at an alarming rate. Sure, sparkly vampires are hot and all for teens, but this 6’4” broad shouldered ex-Viking would just as soon kill you as he would kiss you if it benefitted his interests. He’s a star of one of the sexiest shows on T.V. (and being played by a former Swedish model doesn’t hurt either.)

Fun Fact: Alexander Skarsgård can be seen as one of Ben Stiller’s fellow models during the gas station scene in Zoolander!

Ryan Reynolds in: ‘Buried’ and The Green Lantern hype

He’s married to Scarlett Johanson [is nothing forever? –AM], he’s got a 24 pack of abs, he’s funny and he’s starring as one of D.C. comic’s biggest heroes next year, The Green Lantern.  Ryan Reynolds might be the total package.

Some of the polls that were returned for this article had key words including “So hot” and “my god…those abs.”
Sure, his only major starring role this year was “Buried” but the man was EVERYWHERE, promoting his movie, and doing the press after The Green Lantern trailer was released.

Not only is he handsome, he’s also a class act. This year during Comic Con, a little boy asked him about the “Green Lantern Oath” and he happily said it for him …and then gave him an autographed comic book. See below…

Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester in: Glee

He’s sensitive, he’s got pipes and he cares about kids, what’s not to love?  Oh yeah, he also happens to be on one of the biggest T.V. shows on the planet.  Matthew Morrison might not fall under the typical “hottie” category, but the ladies are going nuts over their ol’ Mr. Schue and it doesn’t look like he is going to cool off any time soon!

Fun Fact: Morrison once starred in the Broadway version of the movie “Footloose.”

Justin Timberlake in: Everything

In 1998 who would have thought  ‘2010 is the year that Justin Timberlake will be getting Oscar buzz?’
Timberlake’s role as the creator of Napster in Social Network was inspired, but he’s also EVERYWHERE this year, including a quickie on Glee… and even doing the voice of “Boo Boo” in the Yogi Bear movie.

He’s handsome, talented, and even better…he’s funny.

Fun Fact: Justin Timberlake has hosted SNL three times!

?  Hottie: Honorable Mention

Delphine Chaneac as Dren in: Splice

Sure, she was grown in a test tube, and she had reverse articulated legs. And yes, she does have that tail that kills people …and kind of has weird eyes. 

And yes, she kind of looks like Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins at one point…kind of turns into a male and stuff… BUT SHE’S STILL KIND OF HOT. Right?

What does that say about us? Suck on THAT Freud!

What do you think Moguls? Who did we miss?

Anyone on this list that you totally agree or disagree with? Let’s hear it! Sound off!

3 Responses to “Armchair Hottie Awards: Top Ten of 2010”

  1. I’dd like to add a hunk and hunkette to the list…Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene) from “Tangled”. They’ve got chemistry, personality, a hit movie and my eyeballs lovingly soaked in every gorgeous pixel!

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    So great to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this issue.

    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is
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