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Shameless Self Promotion Saturday… “BOOMPAD CUSTOM!”

Very few people may know this, but the idiots behind Armchair Mogul also make video games for a living! (Ask us more about that later…)

And now…for the sake of full disclosure, we thought we would use our little corner of the internet to shamelessly promote our latest effort…

BoomPad Custom!

Unlike other Boom box apps, only BoomPad Custom lets you break away from the 80’s and mix it up with outrageous styles ranging from neo sci-fi steampunk to hotrods! From WWII bombers to classic monsters! Whether your thing is retro chic, ultra mod, minimalist, scfi-fi, horror or girl power; BoomPad Custom is the only boom box app that thinks -and BOOMS – outside the box!

BoomPad Custom comes complete with one-click swappable skins! Each skin features a unique theme with its own signature animation and a set of themed cassette tapes!
And with a new skinpack added every quarter, you can deck out your pad any way, any day. All this for less than a buck – that’s why Boompad Custom is the boom box app that ruins it for all the others!

Go here for more product details…

And then go here to BUY IT!  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!

Come on.

Do it.

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