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The Boys are Back in Town!!

I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming.
Stallone and his merry band of rifle-toting, grenade-tossing, knife-throwing, and oddly enough – poetry-spewing miscreants did what they set out to do…

They took home the opening night gold!

Thanks to a sick marketing campaign, buckets of elbow grease and one broken neck on the part of the film’s writer/director/producer/star, The Expendables prove they’re anything but, in an old school comeback that would do Rocky Balboa proud.

Well done, gentlemen. Looks like you’re NOT getting too old for this s#@&!

The Expendables (Lionsgate) NEW [3,270 Theaters]
Friday $13.5M, Estimated Weekend $34M
Eat Pray Love (Sony) NEW [3,082 Theaters]
Friday $9M, Estimated Weekend $26.5M
Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Universal) NEW [2,818 Theaters]
Friday $4.7M, Estimated Weekend $11M)

By the way, this man is 60 years old. Meanwhile, if I kneel down to reach the bottem cabinet, I have to wait there till someone finds me and helps me up.

3 Responses to “The Boys are Back in Town!!”

  1. Wow, who the heck saw that coming? Not I! Did you see it, Davenpoe? What’s the verdict? Was it any good?

  2. I did as a matter of fact, Ms. Pie. Mrs. Davenpoe was kind enough to watch baby Davenpoe for the evening so I could attend a Friday night Man-Meet with fellow Moguls Voodrew, Beaumaloe and some other idiots.

    The film was everything it promised to be – for whatever that’s worth. In the minus column, I know about as much about the plot after seeing the movie as I did before seeing it. On the plus side, there was a guy with an automatic shotgun who exploded people.

    As a side note, Mickey Rourke was acting so hard that he upset the balance of the film. It was like the “Christmas Party” episode of The Office when Michael Scott broke the $20 limit on secret Santa gifts and bought Ryan an iPod. Mickey Rourke’s $400 acting made the rest of the gifts seem kinda crappy. And I’m pretty sure at one point Dwight threatened to use Dolf Lundgren’s acting to flush his sinues.

    All in all, if you found yourself drawn in by the marketing campaign, you won’t be diappointed. If you thought maybe the commercials touting the film as being the offspring of a punch and an explosion were a clever misdirection intended to disguise the film’s pro-environmental message, you’re in for an oily, veiny shock.


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