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DISSCUSSION POINT: F(ilm) THE PO-LICE! The Cop Show Invasion!

One of my ‘superpowers’ happens to be the uncanny ability to be annoyed by things that are overdone. Maybe that’s not as good as ‘flying’ or ‘reading minds’…and come to think of it, perhaps it’s more of a torturous pain in the butt than a superpower but…

Aside from CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, how many COP shows would you imagine are on TV this summer… or are soon to appear this fall on the major networks alone?

I mean just the big networks. Aside from the 3 CSIs and the 2 NCISs how many would you think? 7? 9?

How about …just over 20.

Have you guys noticed that for some reason this year there are a TON of Cop shows on TV?

Check this out…

The Good Guys – starring Colin Hanks on FOX

Memphis Beat – starring Jason Lee on TNT

Rookie Blue – starring Missy Peregrym on ABC

The Glades – starring Matt Passmore on A

Blue Bloods – starring Donnie Walberg on CBS

Rizzoli & Isles – starring Angie Harmon on TNT

The Bridge – starring Aaron Douglas on CBS

Flashpoint – starring Enrico Colantoni on CBS

Covert Affairs – starring Piper Perabo on USA

Castle – starring Nathan Fillion – ABC

White Collar – starring Matt Bomer  on USA

Hawaii Five-0 – starring Daniel Dae Kim on CBS

Chase – starring Kelli Giddish on NBC

Detroit 1-8-7 – starring Michael Imperial on ABC

Justified – starring Timothy Olyphant – on FX

Undercovers – starring Boris Kodjoe on NBC

Dark Blue – starring Dylan McDermott on TNT

The Closer – starring Kira Sedwick on TNT

Criminal Minds- starring Joe Mantega on CBS 

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviorstarring Forest Whitaker on CBS

Southland starring Kevin Alenjandro on TNT

Saving Grace starring Holly Hunter on TNT

That’s 6 on TNT and 8 on CBS alone! What the CRAP, man?

That’s not counting all the reality shows, like COPS, The First 48, and Campus PD

Why is that?

Let’s hear it Moguls, do we ‘loves us some Cop Shows,’ or are the networks just trying to bet on the old formula?

Even more importantly, which ones of these will actually last? (Remember The Unusuals? Me neither)

Sound off!

– Voodrew

3 Responses to “DISSCUSSION POINT: F(ilm) THE PO-LICE! The Cop Show Invasion!”

  1. Funny, I’m sitting here watching a rerun of Castle as I read this post…which I don’t think I even saw on your list? It’s getting pretty ridiculous–agreed. I’m always surprised to learn how many people watch a lot of these cop shows. My mom, who NEVER used to watch tv at all, tivos The Closer, Dark Blue and old episodes of Law and Order. I usually don’t watch any of the cop/investigative shows unless there’s absolutely nothing else on, but that seems to be happening a lot lately, so I’ve been catching a lot of Castle, which is pretty entertaining, even though it’s corny. I definitely agree about it being overkill, though. They must be pretty easy to write and produce, ‘cuz they just keep pumping ’em out.

  2. I’m a fan of cop shows myself. I always watch SVU marathons on USA and I’m hopelessly devoted to “The Mentalist.”

    I understand the appeal of cops shows – they’re easy. They’re the polar opposite of shows like “Lost” where you need to commit to the show and have faith it either doesn’t get cancelled, get lazy or change so much that you stop liking it. Every episode wraps up neatly at the end and the good guys always win. Plus, it’s easy to inject drama into a scenario that involves real danger – which is why hospital shows are so popular as well.

    The reason there are so many is because networks (just like studios) are afraid to take risks. Making a cop show is the equivilent of remaking a movie. They know it works, so why try something new?

    Unfortunatley, I don’t know if there’s a way to reverse this trend when you’ve got networks like Fox that cancel shows after 6 episodes. Let a show grow and earn a fanbase! Nobody watched “The Office” or “Seinfeld” when they first came on…!

  3. I think the formula is just too attractive- it’s good guys vs. bad guys, no thought involved. We’d all love to think that there was as much crime being fought in an average episode of CS-Whatever as there is down at our local precinct every day, even though we know it’s not the case. These shows tuck us in safely at night, they’re a little blue night-light to keep the monsters from crawling out from under your bed to steal your flatscreen.

    And cops make great heroes. I love to see someone standing up for what’s right, pursuing justice, protecting the downtrodden. Detectives, getting down to some serious detecting. Cop shows often deliver on that if nothing else.

    Now that the genre has exploded, it’s also started to evolve. We’ve got shows like The Wire and The Shield that give voice to the criminal side of the coin. These shows take cop dramas to places they’ve never been, where the good guys aren’t as easily recognized, where things don’t work out for the best at the end of each episode.
    I hear Justified follows a similar path. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m curious, if just to see Timothy Olyphant slingin’ iron again because I loved him so much in Deadwood, which is also arguably another branch off the cop drama family tree.

    It’s also mutated into other forms. I’m a huge fan of USA’s Psych, which is basically a buddy comedy welded to a cop drama, every episode a hilarious whodunnit. Veronica Mars hit a lot of cop drama notes, even if it’s protagonist was a teen detective, and I loved that show.

    I think as long as they manage to stay interesting, I’ll be watching.

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