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Are You Ready for Zombies to Take Over Your TV?

I’m a zombie buff, through and through. I have been ever since Thriller and Dawn of the Dead scared me out of my feety pajamas when I was a kid. The Dawn of the Dead original (and remake) will always have a slot in my favorite movies of all time. 

This admission has sparked many debates amongst my fellow movie buffs since the “renaissance of zombies” that happened about 5 or 6 years ago, thus saturating the market beyond breaking. Even I got a little tired of seeing them everywhere, and that’s a lot to say. That, coupled with the fact that George Romero seems to be losing the ability write and direct in his older years, has put my zombie-love into remission for a while.

Funny thing is, almost to the WEEK that fellow Mogul ‘Davenpoe’ and I were discussing “Why have they never made a gritty, bloody cable show about ‘life in the zombie apocalypse?” …did AMC announce that they will make the hit comic book THE WALKING DEAD into a series.

This perked my ears up, I loved the comics. Sure, it took heavily from 28 Days Later and the old comic Deadworld, but it was great.

Then it was announced that Frank Darabont (The Mist, The Shawshank Redemption) would be at the helm! Whoa! We may have something here…

Well folks, turns out, yes.

With the set reports that I’ve been reading, and interviews with Frank Darabont it looks like it actually might be the real deal. They look like they have the look and feel of the comic NAILED. I’m super excited.

Now here’s the rub.

According to Bloody, MTV has announced that THEY are working on a DAWN OF THE DEAD TV series.

What does this mean? Is there enough room for TWO zombie shows? Will it be awesome? Will it officially make me hate zombies?

What do YOU think, Moguls? Do you loves you some zombie? Would you watch both?

After doing some digging, I found that neither one of these American attempts are the first attempt to try the ZOMBOCAPLYPSE as a TV show. The British station E4 did a show last year called DEAD SET, about a reality show like Big Brother that ends up protecting a few celebutantes from the zombie outbreak around them. It actually looks pretty decent, check out this trailer! (Being British for some reason makes it more legitimate.)

SOUND OFF, MOGULS! What do you think?

– Voodrew

2 Responses to “Are You Ready for Zombies to Take Over Your TV?”

  1. I’ve never been much of a fan of the genre, however i am a huge fan of Darabont! i think if anyone could pull this off, it has to be him. He’s kept no secret that he is a horror fan through and through…BUT, he’s also a fan of film, and as such he’s a guy that does his “homework”. Hell his work on “Shawshank” speaks for itself. Stephen King himself has said that Darabont is the only person who has actually improved on his stories (“The Woman in the Room”, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redempton” from Different Seasons, “The Green Mile” and of course “The Mist”)
    I’ll be looking forward to this series, but of course as is the case with much of the product of today, my fingers will be crossed.

  2. The Walking Dead may be the final word on the zombie genre as far as I’m concerned. The time-frame it spans and the sheer length and breadth of the story-line allow for such incredible depth that it will be hard to imagine another property ever approaching it in terms of quality and profundity.
    An argument could be made that World War Z and the preceding Zombie Survival Guide meet or exceed the precedent of The Walking Dead, but I would counter that while the scope of WWZ is more vast, the fact that it is a narrative fractured among multiple sources ultimately lessens it’s impact as a cohesive structure.
    So, yeah, I’m real fucking excited about seeing The Walking Dead on the small screen.

    As for everything else, (including MTV’s Dawn of the Dead) I will give it a shot. For as much as I may grouse about the quality of other works, I’m still a horror fan, I’m still watching that shit and it’s still more entertaining than The Hills could ever be.
    Still, I’m banking that Dawn of the Dead’s fatal flaw will be the very thing that makes The Walking Dead compelling- believable characters. TWD seems to be kicking off with a cast that for the most part look like real people and can act like real people, key to anyone giving a shit about their plight. I can only imagine that DotD will be jam-packed with uber-attractive young people, token minorities and the types of stereotypes and cliches that MTV has been reveling in and profiting from since it cast it’s first season of The Real World.
    Now if it turns out the Zs are munching down on the cast of Jersey Shore, they have my unconditional support.

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