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The internets are aflutter this morning with the release of Entertainment Weekly’s first image of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern! Primary reports say that the suit is actually a “mocap” apparatus (like Gollum or Dr. Manhattan) that is replaced by a CG “live and pulsing” type of suit.

What say you, Moguls? Whaddayathink?

P.S. Can you believe that the smokin’ hot Blake Lively (pictured above) is the sister of Jason Lively (Rusty in European Vacation?)


  1. Normally, this is exactly the kinda thing I relish in nit picking apart…BUT…

    GL is an entirely different creature than anything we’ve had in comic book movies so far. He’s bigger than life. His universe extends beyond the bonds of earth and unlike Superman, he’s not superhuman.

    His costume is generated by his ring (at least in the movie) and it needs to be something that is sufficient for both combat and space travel – and I don’t know if foam, rubber and latex would do the trick visually – take a look at Thor’s Nerf armor for proof.

    I rarely side with CGI over practical effects, but I think maybe…just maybe…this time it was the right decision.

  2. I guess it makes sense if we’re to believe the ring is generating the suit, but I’d really need to see it in motion and on-screen to tell you whether I like it or not. I do miss the black/green two-tone and the mask is looking kinda silly and painted on.

    I’m actually more concerned with how the ring’s power will be presented. Will we see giant glowing green baseball mitts safely catching hapless victims before they plummet to their death? Will a giant glowing green anvil drop onto an evlidoer’s head? Will a giant glowing green chainsaw appear and slice GL out of whatever nefarious trap he’s been trapped in?
    Or is it all going to be laser beams and force-fields?

    The nostalgic side of me wants to see big goofy glowing green shit, the wearer’s imagination made form. But is there even a non-hokey way of doing that on-screen?
    I imagine this is going to be given the 3-D makeover in post-production, and huge animated ring effects will be the most likely candidate for this treatment, so going old-school with the giant object creation could actually be kind of fun. But there’s really no way to make that feel serious or real.

    I’ve also been concerned about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan since this was first announced. Kyle Rayner? Sure, Reynolds would be a great pick for a Kyle Rayner GL, but Hal Jordan has always been less of a wise-cracker and more of a beat-cop. Serious minded, out for justice. Maybe I’m not being fair to Mr. Reynolds, he has turned out a few decent non-comedic performances here and there, but I have a hard time imaging him as the stalwart and righteous figure I’ve always felt Hal Jordan to be.

  3. I vote Dan Payne to play the Green Lantern
    he’s got it all check him out

  4. Tall, dark… and HILARIOUS!!!

    That’s actually the name of one of his fansites.
    And that reel of his has to be sen to be believed. I’ve seen less ham on a pig farm.

  5. So, Green Lantern’s suit is actually a chlorophyll-based symbiote? Good to know.
    Can we have the DEADPOOL movie now, please?

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