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S.O.S. part one – HEX OFFENDER

July 17, 2010

$5 million.  That’s what Jonah Hex made at the BO opening weekend. Iron Man 2, while kinda fun I guess, may as well not exist since we’ve all forgotten about it already. Sorcerer’s Apprentice is tanking even as we speak. Disney’s previous Bruckheimer flick Prince of Persia underperformed as well…So what’s the deal here? Right […]

Are You Ready for Zombies to Take Over Your TV?

July 16, 2010

I’m a zombie buff, through and through. I have been ever since Thriller and Dawn of the Dead scared me out of my feety pajamas when I was a kid. The Dawn of the Dead original (and remake) will always have a slot in my favorite movies of all time.  This admission has sparked many debates […]


July 15, 2010

The internets are aflutter this morning with the release of Entertainment Weekly’s first image of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern! Primary reports say that the suit is actually a “mocap” apparatus (like Gollum or Dr. Manhattan) that is replaced by a CG “live and pulsing” type of suit. What say you, Moguls? Whaddayathink? P.S. […]