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The A-TEAM: B Movie? – Revisited

CAN you actually judge a book by its cover?  Let’s find out! 


8 months ago, the Armchair posted THIS article making some predictions about the A-Team movie based solely on a single image of the cast.
Now the movie’s out and it’s time to slap on the ol’ hindsight gogs and see how we did:

Predict:  “it doesn’t seem like a comical retelling of the show like Starsky and Hutch”
Verdict: CORRECT!  The tone and style of the movie wasn’t a tongue-in-cheek parody of the source material, winking at the audience the so much that it loses track of its own narrative.  The movie stayed true to the source material in that it had ridiculous, over the top action laced with comedic moments.  It’s the difference between serious characters in a funny movie and funny characters in a serious movie – and for my money, I much prefer the latter.

Predict:  “I should add that upon further inspection, the van looks suspiciously like an SUV shrouded in smoke. ”
Verdict: WRONG! They did the right thing and went with a classic van, and although it was crushed mid-way through the adventure, it was cool to see the ol’ girl one last time.

Predict: “the final moment in the trailer will be a stern-faced B.A. Baracus staring down the camera after having just been asked how he feels about the bad guy they’ll be taking on…his answer, a low, rumbly “I pity the fool.” 
Verdict: WRONG! Weird thing is, “I pity the fool” wasn’t uttered once in the entire film – when it comes to pitying fools, THIS B.A. lets his knuckles do the talking.  My guess is they decided it was more a trademark of Mr. T himself rather than the character B.A. Baracus (which in itself is weird because the catchphrase actually belongs to his Rocky III character, Clubber Lang).  Just as well, though because as we went on to say, “And the theatre groans. Because teenagers don’t get the reference.”

Predict: “But I’m gonna call it right now – A-Team, 2010 opening weekend…$20 mill with a SWIFT drop off immediately after.”
Verdict: $26 mill. opening weekend!  Is this on the money?  I’ll leave that call to you, moguls…!

So the answer, can you judge a motion picture by its poster?  Kinda.  Looks like you can guess the tone and style of a flick and maybe even predict the weekend gross, but you can’t hope to prognosticate every nuanced choice a director is going to make.  At least, you shouldn’t be able to, or you’re in for one boring ride.  In the world of formula-driven popcorn flicks, any time you can surprise the audience should be counted as a victory.  And who doesn’t love it when that kind of plan comes together?


Bee tee dubs, if anyone’s got any movies they wanna make predictions about based only on the poster, let us know!

2 Responses to “The A-TEAM: B Movie? – Revisited”

  1. Well done, Sir. I made the mistake of predicting a third place spot for The A-Team opening weekend, but I am still sticking by my prediction for a horror-like 60% drop off for it’s second weekend.

  2. That coincides with our call as well. I think nostalgia’s got about a weekend’s worth of stamina. And if this were last summer, this movie wouldn’t have broken the top 5. Unfortunatley, with such a weak and disappointing lineup, everyone’s got a chance in 2010.

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