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Well it’s been a good week for geeks, that’s for sure!  This week we got concept art for not ONE but TWO of Marvels next flicks, both of which, Stan Lee willing, should lead us up to a bona fide AVENGERS movie!  The first ever comic book movie crossover that (hopefully) won’t make you wanna shoot yourself in the face (I’m lookin at you, AVP).

Anyway, Voodrew and I couldn’t help ourselves, so we got together an composited the first image of the Marvel Studios Avengers cast!  And Here it is:
(click for bigger version)

So, whaddayathink, now that you’ve seen ’em all together?  Does it work?  Do they look like a team of badass supers or are we looking at some kind of gay biker club?

Chime in, Moguls!!


24 Responses to “AVENGERS ASSEMBLED!!!!”


  2. Yes, we can even do filters AND lens flares! The point was to see them all in one spot to see if they worked. Sorry to upset you I’ll tell your Mom to cook your favorte meal tonight.

  3. C’mon guys, no Nick Fury?

    Just bustin’ your balls.

    I want this to work, and I think it can. You’ve got the good cop/bad cop relationship of Cap and Iron Man as a nice core on which to build. Thor is a bit of an x-factor, I can see him chiming in as either the voice of reason that grounds the team, or as the wild card who takes decisive action while the other two are arguing. Maybe a blend of both? And if they’re following the plot structure that’s been rumored, then Banner/The Hulk is filling in as the de facto villain, which I can buy as the reason for assembling in the first place.

    As with every other superhero flick, it all comes down to tone. Will we be served a serious action film fraught with valid moral dilemmas about the nature of good and evil (as in the first and second X-Men and Spider Man films) or a shameless four-color cash-in (ala the Fantastic Four films and the third X-Men and Spider Man outing)?
    The Iron Man films suggest something leaning towards the first option, hopefully not as dour and able to indulge in a bit more splashy action, but far from the farce we’ve seen many Marvel heroes become.

  4. This looks like an epic cast. Day one must see. I like the way they flow together. Fan boys suck- it is only a movie- bring it on.

  5. I’m curious as to how they are going to mix a pretty solid block of science with the “magic” with Thor. A good writer can do anything though, I hope it works out.

  6. Nick Fury. DAMN YOU ADAM BARRACLOUGH!!!!!!!!! But yeah, you’re totally right. What I’m worried about is mixing magic with science. Feels weird, ya know?

    Ya know how everything in the Spidey movie-verse all felt good until A SPACE ALIEN showed up? UP till then it was all super soldiers and A.I….then BAM! SPACE ALIEN. I feel that way here.

    Everything’s all tech and gear then BAM! Norse god. Anybody else worried about this?

  7. Added Fury and the missing WASP, just for you Adam!

  8. Yeah!

  9. Check out my quick mock up

    • NICE!!!!!!!!! It’s hard to find full body photos of Iron Man from a straight angle, isn’t it? We had to clean ours up to get rid of shadows n’ crap.
      Do more, dammit!

      • Thanks man, like yours too, yeah not many good shots of the hulk either, I used an iron man wallpaper so I didn’t have to cut him out! Who’s the little fellow? Is that ant-man?

      • That’s supposed to be Wasp. But since she’s not cast yet, we just grabbed her sillhouette from some comic and pasted her in. As a joke, I slapped a giant Miley Cyrus head on an unposted version just to give Voodrew a heart attack: )

  10. One of the main things I liked about The Ultimates was the way they treated the whole Thor thing- they left his origin up for speculation. There were rumors that he actually was the incarnation of the Norse god, and just as many rumors claiming that he adopted the name as part of his wacko environmental-activist persona. The closer you got to the character, the more you were forced to wonder just what the hell was going on, how much of this was just in his head, and most importantly the character seemed to be suffering the same doubts about who he was and where his power came from.

    And Thor is a big deal, because he’s one of the first heroes to emerge in film that doesn’t have a super-science origin. (Aside from Ghost Rider, and we all know how well that worked out….) It’s been pretty easy for Marvel up to this point to come across with some realism in depicting their characters on film, but shit like magic just violates our very notion of the word. (Consequently, I think this is one of the main difficulties in bringing a modern Wonder Woman to film, but that’s a rant for another day.)

    I think there’s a quantum way to explain Thor, but it doesn’t look like they’re going that route, it looks like they are full-on embracing the Norse-god-lives-among-us story. Perhaps this will include some of the identity crisis described above, perhaps it won’t.
    At this point, from an Avengers film perspective, maybe they’re going to temper all the magic talk by treating Mjollnir as an “unspecified power source”. Tony Stark will probably throw around a few “What’s it like to be a god?” jokes and maybe they’ll just avoid the whole issue aside from that.

  11. I bet you’re right – especially about the ‘make a couple of jokes and move on’ approach.

    I liked that ambiguous origin thing in Ultimates as well, and I bet they WOULD do that if they didn’t have to make a Thor movie or two first.

    They’ll probably fall on the side of science and call Asguard another dimension and I totally agree with your call on Mjollnir…!

    Oh and hey, ever seen a Kenneth Branagh-directed movie before? Get ready for some over-the-top shit.

  12. I think it looks a little like the Ultimate Marvel video game, which I only own because I’ve been a Marvel fan for 40+ years. It’s better than I thought, and it could have been a lot worse.

  13. Looks cool. Thanks for taking the time to throw this together. Somebody posted the link on Aint It Cool. I read some of your other stuff and I will probably come back. I am curious about the “Beverly D’Angelo nudes” tag though. Are these screen caps from “Vacation” or new pics? Personally I would like to see how cruel or kind that Grandfather Time has been to her funbags over the decades.

    • Thanks Cockburn! Please feel free to comment on anythig you like (or hate). It’s half the fun of putting stuff out there : )

      LOl ah yes, Beverly. It’s sort of an in-joke here. We’d been posting stuff for several weeks and not getting very many hits. Then one day, Beaumaloe, one of our writers, posted this thing about Beverly D’Angelo’s boobs and being thankful for them on Thanksgiving. Suddenly, we were getting all these hits. We thought people were actually enjoying our posts…


      All the referrals and links were specifically about Beverly’s wonderful 80’s rack – which, honestly, was kind of disheartening. But we got over it and decided to roll with it.

      So now we jokingly put BD’A tags on everything, just because apparently, the Internet is powered by her tits.

  14. I didn’t think they were going to make any more X-Men movies. Why is Storm so tiny in your picture? And who’s the young Bob Vila with the Flintstones hammer?

  15. Thor fun….

  16. NICE!!!!! I like the new pic, too. It’s gritty, lil’ dirtier than the rest. I wanted Thor (the movie) to look like Gladiator, ya know? Nice job on this! I hope the movie feels more like this pic and less than that first one we saw.

  17. What if nothing exists and were all in somebodys dream? Or whats worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?

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