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Happy Father’s Day, Dads! You’re All Idiots!

June 20, 2010

I was in the car the other day and I heard a commercial on the radio where a child asks her Dad where gravy comes from. He goes on to tell this long story… something akin to “There’s a magical gravy river with waterfalls…” and so on and so forth. The kid says “Is that […]

The A-TEAM: B Movie? – Revisited

June 14, 2010

CAN you actually judge a book by its cover?  Let’s find out!  8 months ago, the Armchair posted THIS article making some predictions about the A-Team movie based solely on a single image of the cast. Now the movie’s out and it’s time to slap on the ol’ hindsight gogs and see how we did: Predict:  […]


June 3, 2010

Well it’s been a good week for geeks, that’s for sure!  This week we got concept art for not ONE but TWO of Marvels next flicks, both of which, Stan Lee willing, should lead us up to a bona fide AVENGERS movie!  The first ever comic book movie crossover that (hopefully) won’t make you wanna […]