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Armchair Response to College Humor’s ‘LOST’s Unanswered Questions’ (that were actually answered)



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Hey folks,

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a pretty huge LOST fan.

Recently this College Humor video hit the interwebs…

I actually feel as though I am falling directly into a “nerd trap” by taking the time to answer this stuff, but this video has kind of reached outside the College Humor site and onto the Facebook and Myspace pages of many people I know who are using it as a “Yeah, see? They suck. They didn’t answer anything!” type thing.

Well, that’s just not true folks, and if you didn’t stop watching it after Season 2, you would know this. Before you start writing “It was a joke video.” Just know that this video has kind of reached outside the bounds of just regular humor as well; this guy is making TV show appearances to back up his argument.

I know, I know, ….arguing on the internet…Special Olympics….I got it. I understand it. But, in the same way that I can’t sit around and hear people I care about get dogged for something they aren’t guilty of, I stupidly feel compelled to compile the answers to these questions.

There is NO QUESTION that there are unanswered questions left from this show, but come on man, be fair. I’ll be updating this list; I just wanted to answer the ones I know I can answer off the top of my head.

First of all, we have to establish what “an answer,” is. I’m not excusing anything with semantics, I just want to establish that with ANY story or movie, you don’t have to actually say the words “Hey, our plane crashed on a beach” in order to understand that the opening shots of the show took place in a plane crash. Lost has always made you use your brain, and some answers are spread over 3 or 4 episodes with different pieces.

If you haven’t caught up, SPOILERS BELOW…

On the Ajira Airlines flight, why did Jack, Kate, and Hurley go back to the 70’s, but Sun didn’t? Because they were all candidates and Sun was not. There are a couple of reasons this could be; 1. They never answered which Kwon was the candidate, so she may never have been one, or 2. She WAS a candidate, but stopped being one the second she became a mother.

Why can’t women on the island have babies? Why is that important? Whether or not you believe they were successful in detonating the nuke…we know that Babies COULD be carried to term on the island (Miles and Ethan were born there) but that stopped after “The Incident.” Is that because the nuke went off ..or was it because a HUGE amount of electromagnetic energy ripped through the island? Not sure. What we DO know is they could have kids before the incident, and right after the incident, they couldn’t, so we know that was the cause. Why is that important? Because that’s how Juliet came to the island, to try to figure out why that is. It was only really discussed during Juliet’s story arch.

What triggered the lockdown, and why backlights? The lockdown happened as the food palette was dropped. Since the person in the Swan thought that the outside world was “infected”, this kept the button pusher contained and helped hide where the drops were coming from. Why backlights? Who knows, dramatic effect? Because they were out of red bulbs? Does that really matter?

What’s the magic lighthouse about? This question makes me think he didn’t watch the show. It’s where Jacob watched the candidate’s lives from the island. Pretty well explained. What else is it about? It’s about 4 stories high, what else do you want?

Photo from

Why did Tom feel the need to wear a fake beard? The Others had no idea who these “plane folk” were …and they certainly didn’t want them knowing what they were actually doing on the island, so they dressed up to give them warnings to stay away.

How did the monster get into Jacob’s cabin and why keep a secret that Claire was there? We never see Jacob in “Jacob’s cabin” in the show. He has always lived at the foot of the statue. The MIB was trapped in that cabin because the cabin was surrounded by the ring of ash, but someone had broken the ring. The MIB used that cabin as a headquarters to manipulate people, sometimes implying that he himself was Jacob. That is why Ileana and crew were freaked out when they saw the ash ring was broken and ended up burning the cabin down. Somehow when Claire was thought to be dead, the MIB had somehow convinced Claire to join him. She said that he had been his only friend after everyone “left her” on the Island.

Why did Desmond see Claire and Aaron getting off the island in a helicopter? That entire episode Desmond kept seeing possible futures, that was one possible future.

Why is there a 31 minute 21 second difference between times? The island exists outside of time, it basically doesn’t exist. It was explained that the further away you get from the island, the more there is a time differential.

How does Walt know about the hatch and why does he warn John not to go in it? It’s established the Walt had some sort of psychic powers. He could even manifest stuff from his mind. (The bird from the book; stopping the rain so his Dad would find Vincent etc.) That’s one of the reasons why The Others wanted to study him. He warned John because going into the hatch started the entire series of events that eventually lead to his death. Maybe he should have listened.

Where did Miles get that picture of Ben? From Widmore who hired him and Keamy’s folk to go get him off the island. We see that Ben has left the island numerous times, Widmore probably had a spy take his pic.

Why did Horace tell Locke to meet Jacob in the cabin when it was the smoke monster? The smoke monster manifested himself as Horace to manipulate Locke to going to the cabin. He knew that the only way he could get him to the cabin is to think that Jacob was calling him there.

What happened to the original Henry Gale? He landed on the island by parachute and died, Ben buried him. Sayid dug him up and that’s how they found out Ben was lying.

Why did Faraday leave the island? Faraday had extensive research on time travel, but he went to the Dharma mainland headquarters to gather up all their information on the topic he could to try to figure out a plan of action.

What happened to Christian’s body? The MIB took it out and put it somewhere so he could impersonate Jack’s Dad and try to pull Jack toward his side, he admitted to Jack that he impersonated his father… so he either took it out and hid it or it fell out of the coffin, it was a plane crash, come on.

Why is Yemi’s body missing? Most likely the same reason Christian Shephard’s body is missing, because the MIB used it to manifest to Mr. Ecko.

Why does Walt to Locke that he ‘still has work to do? ‘Um, because he did have more work to do, he was a candidate. If he laid there and bled to death, the show would have been completely different. 

Why does Richard think that he saw everyone in the 1977 picture die? I would think if you knew that people were standing around a nuclear bomb when it went off, you could make the logical assumption that they all died. He probably went to the site soon after the bomb went off and everyone was gone.

How does Desmond know a monk and how does the monk know Eloise? Really? Do you watch the show? Desmond joined the monastery for a while, so he WAS a monk. Eloise WORKS at The Lamp, the Dharma station set in the basement of the huge church. The bigger and better question is “How is Eloise the ‘time cop’ of the universe? They didn’t answer that.

What’s the deal with Jack’s tattoos? There’s almost an ENTIRE EPISODE revolving around this.

Jack got the tattoos from some “mystic” chick in Thailand that could supposedly look into your soul and read you as a person. They are translated as “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.”

How did Richard bypass the sonar fence? The dude was tapped by Jacob to never die, is it okay for him to be immortal, but not logical he can pass a sonar fence?

Why does Jacob say “They’re coming” when he died? Because the candidates from the 70’s were on their way back, they were going to kick MIB’s booty.

Why did the other want Walt so bad? The Others wanted ALL the kids, because they couldn’t conceive. That’s why they kidnapped all the kids from the ‘tailies.’ Walt just happened to have the ability to impact his environment with his mind. Why would you NOT want to cut him open and see how he works?

How did Walt use the computer to talk to Michael? He snuck onto one of the hundreds of computers on the island used by The Others. That’s why he said “I have to go, they are coming” or something like that at the end of the conversation.

Who were the skeletons in the bear caves? Is this a real question? Do we need to know the identity of every person who has ever set foot on the island? We’ve established that people have been on the island …and so have bears.
A polar bear tries to kill people in the first episode. We can assume that on an island where people exist alongside polar bears that try to kill people, that there would be skeletons. Who were they? Bob and Steve. There.

Where did the toy truck come from? The Dharma Initiative had been on that island for years with lots of kids.

Why does Mikhail keep coming back to life? This is never fully talked about, but he worked with Richard Alpert, who could never die either. Jacob made him that way. They never show his back-story, but it’s pretty safe assumption. After the only things he really “survived” was being shot with a speargun and walking through the sonic fence. After he blew himself into bits when killing Charlie, he went bye bye.

Why can Jacob leave the island but the smoke monster can’t? Because the smoke monster is not JUST Jacob’s brother anymore, he died and was reborn from the underworld. He turned into something “worse than dead.” Jacob is the protector of the island. Smokey is a result of Jacob’s mistake.

When they were caught skipping through time, paddling the boat who was shooting at them in the boat behind them? We see the boat that was behind them in a later (earlier) episode, pulled up on a beach and it had a bunch of Ajira Airlines water bottles in it. It was Ileana’s people.

Why weren’t Michael Walt Lapidus or other in the church at the end? Well, we know Michael is stuck on the island for eternity along with all the other whispering disembodied spirits that have done major no nos on the island, but for Walt and Lapidus…

It was explained that the “church” was where they met up in the afterlife before they “moved on.” Jack’s Dad explained that they all met up because they were all part of the most important part of their life, and they are moving on together. Walt wasn’t on the island for that long and went home and lived out his entire life with his Grandmother. He was never attached to Michael, he loved his Mom and she died. She was probably the one that helped him cross over. Lapidus? Who knows! It seems like his entire stint on the show was him always being in the wrong place and the wrong time, he probably has better people to help him over than these freakos.

Where did Jacob and the smoke monster’s real mother come from? Well considering that she was dressed like she was around the time of Rome and she was speaking Latin, I would assume she was from the Roman Empire. Do you need her back-story?

Who are Ben’s friends off island, like that butcher chick? Ben had allies off island, they got the job done, they weren’t important to the story. Would you rather they spent time on their back story, or answering more important questions?

When did the temple become the anti-smokey place? The temple was always special because it held the “magical water” But it became protected from smokey when it was completely surrounded by the ash.

What happened to Exposè when their lead actors died? I assume this is a joke question because nobody gave a CRAP about that show or Nikki and Paulo.

How did Ethan go from the DHARMA Initiative to being a member of the Others? The exact same way that Ben did, is this really a question?

Why does that Tina Fey lady want an electromagnetic map of the island? So they can find the source of “The Light” that is why they brought Desmond, Widmore knew that they had to somehow eventually pull “the plug” to kill smokey.

Why did Widmore tell Ben to kill the Russo and her baby? Because they crashed on the island, he didn’t want them interfering in their business. He was protecting the island.

Why did he let Ben keep the Baby? Because he’s a bastard, but even he couldn’t kill a baby. The scene was pretty explanatory. This is one of those questions that I don’t understand how this is a problem or a question.

Why did Sayid end up with Shannon, not Nadia?

Now this is a theory, but I think it’s pretty sound. The entire “Flash Sideways” storyline was the group preparing themselves to cross over. They made their own little world that corrected everything that they needed correcting. Sawyer made the right decision after his parents were killed and he became a cop not a con man, Jack had a son to work out his Daddy issues, Hurley was the luckiest man in the world, Desmond had Widmore’s approval, etc. Now SOME of them didn’t fully forgive themselves. For example Ben stayed outside the church because he wasnt ready. It’s interesting that in Sayid’s ideal world, he had Nadia married to his brother. I think that is because he always wanted to be with her, but never truly felt like he deserved to be with her after all the bad things he had done. Shannon on the other hand was just as flawed and they fell head over heels with each other. Again, that is a theory.

What’s the deal with ‘the wheel’ mixing light and water?
What’s the nature of the magic light and “magic wine? seriously, magic wine?”
For these answers specifically, I’m going to bring up the fact that this guy PROBABLY complained when The Force was explained as Midichlorians. Let’s at least be consistent.

They have said the island had ‘magical properties;’ do you need to know how ALL magic works? I’m going to say that I am glad they didn’t go into more detail for this one.  Do you want to know where magic comes from in Harry Potter? You maybe curious, but the answer is NEVER going to be as good as not knowing.

How disgusting was it when Hurley was eating from ranch dressing? Pretty disgusting, who wants to see fat people eat ranch dressing? Not me.

Although upsets some people who watch the show, some answers were hinted at, but never FULLY answered on the screen. That is why people bombard the writers with questions whenever they make public appearances. I wanted to include some of those answers here too, in case any diehards were wondering…

What is the deal with Kate and that horse? Although it wasn’t specifically answered in the show, the writers have comfirmed that it was the smoke monster manifesting itself to Kate.

What are the hieroglyphics on the countdown all about? At ComicCon 2006, Damon Lindelof told the audience that the symbols stood for “Underworld.” which I guess we know now refers to what was about to be unleashed unless someone got their butt back in the seat and fixed it.

More to follow…

– Voodrew


57 Responses to “Armchair Response to College Humor’s ‘LOST’s Unanswered Questions’ (that were actually answered)”

  1. Enjoyed reading this!

  2. Win. This whole thing is just one big pile of win.

  3. Thanks! That’s not the kind of pile I’m used to!

  4. more to follow?

    what more is left to discuss, you pwned

  5. the only issue is the whole why cant wemon have babies on the island, the nuke never went off. Or if it did then the writers REALLY have some explaining to do because juliettes body was intact notot mention the island would have actulaly sunk I mean.. nuclear bomb there wasnt even a crater. bomb never went off.

  6. The whole psychic telling claire ot raise Aaron is bothering me, as is the food droped by the dharma thing in seaosn 2 but you can just assume it was some automatic thing. And why did Jack see his dead father in the real world if the ghost was the smoke monster, was it really just his ghost? I can accept that I guess. Kind of. Hurley saw a lot of ghosts but then again why didnt charlie know he was dead in the sideways afterlife thing if he knew he was dead when talking to hurley? The smoke monster killing ecko is a big mystery.

    • Are you talking about Jack seeing his dad in the flash sideways in season 06? Coz if that is what you’re talking about, then the flash sideways is really just showing us all the characters in their “afterlife” – i.e. after everyone’s died, whether before, during, or after the entire island adventure. So Jack talking to his dad in the flash sideways is not him talking to his dad in the “real world” its him talking to his dad in the afterlife. And his dad basically helped him cross-over to the ‘light’.

      Speaking of which, the last scene, when we watch Jack dying and Vincent – the dog – lies down next to him, I personally think that was the embodiment of Jack’s dad, so he lay down next to him as his son passed on. At that same moment they show you Jack in the church and his dad is sorta giving his shoulder a squeeze or a pat or whatever. But yeah.
      All of that being said, if you are talking about Jack talking to his dad in some other season, then forget everything I just said lol, coz I am not clear about previous seasons in order to give an accurate enough reply. I watched them ages ago. Altho it has to be noted, as far as I remember anyway, in the previous seasons they’ve always shown “flashbacks”, so Jack seeing his dad in the real world would be absolutely normal since it was in the past. I don’t know.

      • But doesn’t Jack see his father in season five too (off island, flash forward) when he’s coming to grips with needing to go back to the island?

  7. I have an answer to a new question that was proposed:

    What was the deal with Eloise Hawking being the time cop when Desmond went back in time in Flashes Before Your Eyes?

    She had Daniel’s journal which told her everything she needed to know about Desmond. She knew that Desmond couldn’t do anything because she knew nothing in Daniel’s journal could be changed. It’s the same reason why she forces Daniel to study science instead of music.

  8. Oh and the Michael talking to Walt answer is wrong. It was Ben in the Pearl station who was talking to Michael.

    • yes, that is what I thought as well. It was Ben talking to Michael and not Walt. I think at some point Ben tells Michael of this fact. Talking to him was just a way to convince Michael to do what they asked of him.

      Don’t they ‘happen’ to catch Ben/Henry right after that incident? or am I getting it all wrong now?

      • Actually, it was confirmed by the writers that that was indeed Walt on the computer.

  9. I don’t understand why people are still confused about Jack’s dad. Jack’s dad is not really an issue anywhere. It was explained in the episode where Smokey took Locke’s body that he can only take the image/appearance of a person that is dead. So at some point he had taken the appearance of Jack’s dad. When we see him in the cabin, he is indeed the smoke monster. When we see Jack’s dad in LA, that is the Flash Sideways, which is sort of ‘purgatory’ but then in a way that is is a world where they could correct their mistakes.

    Thanks Voodrew for this article!!

  10. @Matt – I agree. There are some of the questions that never gave satisfactory answers, they still have some ‘splaining to do. I just wanted to point out that a lot of the questions the dude just shotgunned out there had answers. Gotta be fair…

    @Bioject – Are you sure about the Ben in the Pearl thing? If you are, I’ll totally correct my answer, can you just let me know where you are getting that from. Thanks!

  11. I think most of these “unanswered” questions were either answered (maybe too subtle) or were not really to answer, e.g. Jack seeing his father must not necessarily always have been the MiB, could’ve just been Jack wanting to see him, you know, stress, grief…

    The single biggest question that was never answered and probably could never be satisfyingly answered is the first question that Lost ever proposed: What the f*ck is this island all about?
    There are some religious overtones, the last episode especially, but there is also a distinct “mechanical” dimension to it (the button, the wheel, the time travelling).

    Number two probably goes hand to hand with it: Who are Jacob and the MiB? Once again, you have definite religious overtones, the apparent duality of them, Jacob’s Jesus-like behaviour, the Grail thing with the water drinking.
    Also, am I wrong or shouldn’t there have been a Jacob before Jacob? (but now we’re getting real philosophical, who-made-God-territory)

    Those two questions were really the only ones I wanted answered, but I see that any answer would likely anger at least half of the fans, who had imagined something entirely different.

    • @Marcus – I was just talking to my buddies about this the other day, it WAS kind of let down to find out that Jacob wasn’t devine or something. Sure he was a man that was effected somehow by magic, but yeah, I wanted him to be a little more than he was. Their backstory kind of made him into a spoiled child sometimes.

  12. I assumed that the “Jacob before Jacob” was their “mother” and that we just weren’t privy to her back story to know who it was before her.

  13. Also, I didn’t feel that MIB was a spoiled child. He was a mistreated child, who was once a happy and kind child. The story explains why he turned out the way he did, akin to Darth Vader.

    • voodrew was talking about Jacob seeming like a spoiled child, not MIB.
      I actually really liked MIB as a child. He had more sense than Jacob anyhow lol.

  14. Thank you! This is great!

  15. I loved reading this!!

  16. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! I am so sick of people whinging on about ‘unanswered questions’ all frikkin week, when what they really mean is that they
    1) did not actually pay attention while watching Lost the past 6 years
    2) did not actually ever learn to think for themselves
    3) need to be spoonfed conclusions

  17. I thought the original video was weak and a lot of the questions were obvious. I’m pretty sure whoever made it only watched every other episode. Good stuff here. Keep it up.

  18. Hi,

    Loved your article. I don’t understand why people are criticizing the best show of all time so much…maybe they are just looking for the Hollywood Happy Ending.

    I think the skeletons in the cave were MIB and his mother. It doesn’t matter but I think they did tie up that loose end.


  19. Also, may I agree that there is waaay to much Bad Lost Watching going on. Perhaps these people need Lost University.

  20. Many of your explanations are legitimate. Many of the questions from the video are facetious. But, there are several of your explanations that are reaching.

  21. @phoomp, I’m open to anything, can you tell me which ones are reaching?

  22. You made some very good points. However, there is NO way that thing Juliet bopped could have been a nuke (way too small). It was probably a chemical explosive primer. Radioactivity may have been released from the original H bomb they took apart, and the magnetic energy from the incident may have had some sort of cascade effect that resulted in the post incident pregnancy issues (maybe in combination with the whole time-out-of-sync issue of the Island).

    Also, the characters in the sideways/limbo world reflected their personalities at the time of their deaths. Locke was disheartened, self destructive and suicidal at the time of his death. In Limbo, he started out similarly as a self-loathing man who could not see his own worth and was unwilling to get an operation to allow him to walk.

    Sawyer got over many (not all) of his psychic wounds that led him to be a con man at the start of the series. In limbo, his profession as a cop reflects this.

    Jack had found his purpose at the time of his death. In Limbo, he was an effective doctor with a purpose. Note that he did not take the extra bottle of liquor on the plane. There was no hint he was a drunk.

    Hurley had been the alpha male, mover and shaker of the Island for a long time by the time of his death. In Limbo, he considered himself the luckiest man in the world, and was a confident, take charge kind of guy. This is in stark contrast to Hurley at the beginning of the series.

    Then there is Ben. In limbo he is unambiguously a good guy who is able to resist the temptation to manipulate. This reflects his years as number two to Hurley, the protector. Again, this is in stark contrast to Ben-the-manipulator we see during his time on the Island before Smokey’s death.

  23. The bomb never went off (the sunken Island is what the Sideways world Losties “saw” even though the Sideways Losties “never saw the Island”). The flash was the final time jump. When Juliet said “It worked” she was actually saying outloud what she was saying in Sideways world at the same time (getting the candy from the vending machine). The bomb didn’t work, she was talking about the vending machine. The no-babies-being-born was never truly explained.

    Thanks for some of these answers! Can’t wait to share them with some friends.

  24. @hemo_jr and NotJuliet. You bring up some very good points as to what exactly happened at “the incident.” My initial response was to the fact that people COULD have children before whatever happened during the incident, and now they couldn’t. As far as them never stating EXACTLY why they couldn’t have kids not really fair because we know they COULD have kids just fine until whatever went down when the bomb went off (or didn’t go off happened.) So either the Nuke went off or just the HUGE electrogmanetic even happened that caused the people on the island to not carry to full term. Whatever the circumstances, they were able to have children before “the incident” and now they aren’t. I think that’s pretty understood. Whether the bomb went off or not, we knew it could happen before …but not after, so we know that the “incident” caused the fertility problems. As to why that is the case on a cellular level, I have no idea, but I am updating my answer based on these comments. Thank you guys!

  25. @ Hemo_jr, again…that theory on ‘them being how they were when they died’ is an AWESOME theory, I hadn’t even considered that. I wrote in the part about Shannon and Sayid that what I was saying was a theory, so it may be wrong, but your theory is interesting, and really cool. I’ll have to rewatch this stuff with that in mind! Thanks!!

  26. […] Some Lost Answers Explained […]

  27. For the polar bears,…. I think at some point when the island was moved, it must have moved close to the antarctic thus enabling the wheel to freeze and polar bears to get onto the island…. thtz just my opinion….
    The whole Mr.Eko thing is also disturbing me….
    Also did anyone notice just how sucky ‘You are Everbody’ was?
    I know that storms can do some serious damage but there’s no way a storm can lift a whole effing slave ship into the middle of the jungle….
    Now, a few questions:
    Why wasn’t Charles Widmore sentenced to death for excavating 300 graves and faking a plane crash???
    Also, if the whispers in the forests were ghosts like michael, why werent the others afraid of them ??….
    What happened to the rest of the Others??
    What was with the Scales in the MIB’s cliff office and what the hell was the internal joke??
    Why was the water in the temple unclear??
    How did Jacob’s mother take out all those people??
    Why didnt Jack turn into another Smoke monster after he turned the light back on??I mean the water carried the MIB into the light and then 5 seconds later, out comes the crackling black smoke??
    And lastly… Was the Island part of purgatory??
    Im really sorry for asking questions like the the guy in the CollegeHumor Vid but Id really feel better if someone could help provide answers 4 sum of these qstns……

  28. @ emmz You should never apologize for having questions, God knows they didn’t answer EVERYTHING. The initial intention of this article was just to point out that the video was just shotgunning stuff out there, most of which was answered. I still have many questions myself. Brb…

  29. @ emmz These are all fantastic questions, seriously. I think that some of them can MAYBE be answered by taking a little bit of information we already know from other areas and applying it to these questions. This is 100% speculation though and not stuff that was directly answered on the show….but what the hell, lets see…

    We’ve seen in a previous episode that the hieroglyphics in one of the temples show Anubis summoning this “black smoke monster” does that mean that the black smoke was a REALLY REALLY OLD separate entity that could be summoned from down there before, but now somehow latched onto Jacob’s brother when he went down there? Maybe like a demon possessing a body or something. If that is the case then, once the spirit was killed along with Locke, then Jack or Desmond wouldn’t turn into it.

    The polar bears: what we DO know is that Dharma did experiments on them. They had the bear cages that Sawyer and Kate were thrown into on the Hydra. We also see that they did experiments on sharks and maybe dolphins because Jack was being held in one of their drained tanks when he was kidnapped as well. We also see that take in the video game Via Domus
    So the answer is Dharma had the animals there to test on. How they got there is up for speculation, I’m guessing that they just had them shipped in like any zoo would right? Although your idea about the island moving there is interesting. Since we saw loose polar bears and the “dharma shark” in one of the episodes, maybe Ben let them loose after the purge? Who knows.

    Why was the water in the temple unclear? Well it happened right when Jacob was killed right? I assumed it somehow it coincided with the murder of Jacob, like it would work as long as he was alive.

    The inside joke between the MIB and Jacob was that they used to play that game that involved the white rocks and black rocks. MIB throwing the white one out was like MIB telling Jacob “Checkmate”

    I don’t believe that the island was part of purgatory. The only thing that is ever hinted as purgatory or “limbo” were the flash sideways, which only existed after they had all died. The Island was very real and Hurley and Ben went on to protect it after the show ended.

    Hope that helps, or spark debate, I’d love to hear your take on it…

  30. where did the adoptive mother of Jacob come from? (Allison Janey in real life)

  31. We do know who the skeletons in the cave belong to. MIB and his adoptive Mother.

  32. I believe in the video he was referring to the skeletons in the bear cave, not “adam and eve”

  33. This article reeks of misguided nerd rage. Almost every one of your answers end with something along the lines of “You seriously didn’t pick this up?”; like some stupid fucking video needs to conform to your standards of research. The answers were good- you just sound like a whiny little bitch.

  34. @Higgins LOL, fair enough. I’m going to give you an even NERDIER respose. You’re absolutley right some stupid video doesn’t need to conform to standards of research UNLESS it’s entire premise is implying that the show didn’t answer ANY of these questions. It’s like yelling at a dictionary for not having the word cat in it, after a while you say “I’m getting the impression you didin’t even look.” BTW, at the start of the article I implied that just by answering these questions makes me a nerd. There are a few nerdtastic things I’m willing to argue for, this show is one. I’m fine with it.

  35. If Sun didn’t flash to the island from the Ajira plane because she was a mother, why did Kate flash? She was a mother too, but she was no longer a condidate.

    Jack’s dad DID appear off island in the original timeline. Jack had been rescued, he was working as a doctor again. Christian showed up at the hospital, and just moments before Jack saw him, a smoke detector went off. The notion is Season 6 that the smoke monster cannot leave the island contradicts this earlier season.

  36. Yeah, I’m really not clear at all either about Jacks dad off the island. I heard they will answer a bunch of questions on the final DVD. I think that Kate was a canidate until she took care of Aaron, but once she gave him over to his grandmother she was no longer responsible for him, and came back to the island. We know she was a canidate again after that because during the “campfire talk” with Jacob and the gang, Jacob gave each of them the oppurtunity to step up, but only Jack was willing at that point. Thats’s how I understood it anyway, I’m open to being wrong about this. 🙂

  37. I appreciate your insight in regards to LOST. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts.
    Do you have answers to the questions for the following?

    What are the origins of the Ancient Dagger?

    If the rules of the Island are made by the protector, do they change when the protector changes?

    Do you think that MIB would be truly happy if he ever got off the island and goes to wherever he wants to go to? I mean, does he even know where he is from? Basically, his birth mother was killed and he knew the truth and just wanted to go back home. I think on the inside he was not evil but just wanted to get to the bottom of things. Jacob was the coward who followed the fake-Mom. Once again, wondering about the dagger’s powers and how it kills these protectors. Since the dagger was used to kill the fake-Mom, the dagger was also used to kill Smoke-Locke, both are probably types of Smoke monsters…

    Finally, Why did Ben and Whitmore have this rivalry? What was Whitmore’s end game basically? How can Whitmore, Ben, and Smoke-Locke all have different agendas? I see only two agendas..destroy or save the island. Seems like it is Ben vs. Whitmore, Whitmore vs. Smoke-Locke, Ben doesn’t really want to destroy the island and Smoke lies to Ben about making him the protector. Don’t think this part of the story is really explained properly. Whitmore’s intentions are very confusing. If you understand it, let me know.

  38. By comparing Lost to Star Wars are you not basically admitting that Lost is really just science fiction and that it is not really that clever after all as a lot of its explained by “magic”?

  39. I firmly believe, that there was either no big story arc planned from the beginning or that they deviated from it after they couldn’t make it work. Season 6 feels out of place.

    Seasons 1 and 2 are all about the Mystery. What is the Hatch? Who built it and Why? Who are The Others?
    But it mostly has a scientific/mechanical feel to it, with some weirdness for effects.
    The Island is just a node of electro-magnetism, there was a man-made incident that was corrected with a computer and a button. Time travelling is achieved by turning a big wheel. The Monster is just black smoke with mechanical noises, it can be turned on, warded off with sonic emitters and it is even referred to as a defense mechanism.
    There always seemed more to it, but Locke was really the only one to articulate the whole Destiny element.

    Seasons 3 and 4 are then becoming rather pedestrian. The Others turn out to be quite boring for all the deceit and secrecy. The weirdest thing about The Island seems to be that it is difficult to pinpoint, but with lots of Star Trek inspired technobabble it is manageable. Dharma, The Others, Widmore – apparently it’s just your run-in-the-mill conspiracy mumbo jumbo.

    This is when the writers most likely freaked out. They realised, that none of the mysteries they proposed can be satisfyingly explained rationally. In interviews they even mentioned the “midichlorian effect”.

    So in comes Jacob.
    Suddenly, EVERYTHING is about him.
    The Numbers don’t matter anymore, electro-magnetism is now the fabric of life and the universe. Jacob got people on the island by touching them. He could make them all board the same plane, but he couldn’t make the pilot land the plane, he had to devise of The Second Incident to crash it. Maybe he was bored.
    Dharma and The Others don’t really matter anymore, they become pawns at best.
    All the weird things presented throughout the show are now conveniently explained as the Man in Black messing with people.

    When Lost was the best show ever, it carefully sidestepped being too concrete. It was a marvellous blend of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery and Philosophy.
    Jacob changed that. It got spiritual. New Agey. (I’d reckon that most Christian scholars don’t like Lost’s take on Afterlife, Destiny and such)

    In seasons 4-5 they tried to go Sci-Fi and I agree that it didn’t work. Midichlorians indeed.
    But throwing everything out of the window and going the opposite direction DID feel Deus Ex Machina to me.

  40. @Marcus I can totally see where you’re coming from. If it helps at all there have been “themes” that were set up since the first season, like in the first episode Locke holding up the white bead and the black bead to Walt and explaining that it was a game that was more than 5,000 years old, one is light and one is dark. and then there was an episode where Claire had a dream where Locke had one white eye and one black eye so you can tell that they had an idea of where they wanted to end up, however, to agree with your post, I’m not sure they knew how to get there effectively. It did change tones pretty quickly.

  41. I don’t know, duality is a very general purpose theme if you’re delving into mystery, that doesn’t convince me they planned it from the beginning.

    There was this whole thing with the temple in season 6, the character of Dogen, who has no backstory, was never referred to, just appeared, was there and left without contributing anything to Lost universe. That, to me, seemed so random and those first episodes of season 6 did get some “mixed” reviews and with the Lost producers being so tied into the community I can really see them changing their minds and figuring things out while already in production.

  42. I have to say Marcus makes some good points. Having done a little writing in the past, I know what it’s like to try to plan a long-running story. You make some general blueprints, sure, but you leave some room for improvising too, because, well, that’s the FUN of it. You know where you’re going, you just don’t know yet how you’re going to get there. Unfortunately, with this approach you sometimes you end up with a ship that’s too big to steer. I think this was the case with Lost.

    It’s absolutely not true that the Lost writers didn’t answer any questions, but they didn’t really answer all of them either. I think that’s why they started saying things about the show really being about the characters, because the characters are the one thing they could give wholly satisfying endings too.

    But Lost is all about the romance of storytelling. Not the reality of the story. It’s the packaging on your action figure, not the figure itself, which is always way less exciting. Remember when Ben told Locke about a magic box somewhere on the island that would manifest whatever you wanted? Pretty exciting, right? Then it turns out there’s no such box and it’s just a metaphor. Well, a lot of Lost is like that. The idea of the thing is better than the thing itself. It’s the romance we loved. But that’s the thing about romance…when the magic’s gone, sometimes what you’re left with isn’t what you were hoping for.

    At the heart of this debate, though, is the idea of perfection. Losties believe the story is perfectly told and the Others believe it’s not. I think if one of the Lost writers would just say, “hey, it’s not perfect, but we did the best we could” tempers would simmer and we could all get along again. What do you guys think?

  43. If Desmond for whatever reason has the power to turn off the Island’s magical powers, why was Locke/MIB still alive? Shouldn’t MIB’s ability to take over Locke’s dead body also have gone. Or is MIB’s ability to take over dead bodies part of “super” magical powers that resonates from a different “super” part of the island?

  44. Great job explaining everything, it helped clear up a few questions rattling around in my head. I was looking around for other theiros, answers, etc. dealing with Lost when I stumbled upon this site,

    Now it doesn’t really “answer” questions but more like it explains the things that happen in more detail. Like it explains what happened with everyone in purgatory or it explains somethings about the Island. Now you might not be interested but I just thought maybe you would like a deeper look.
    ~~On a side note, the article (for lack of a better term) was written by a writer of Lost I believe… Or someone that was connected to the show… Something along those lines

  45. That’s insanely interesting – Good find! I can’t even address people who think they died in the crash – that’s just sloppy viewership. But I’m not sure if the things he addresses are what fans were complaining about. The show totally works in very broad strokes. It’s the minutia people are upset about. The tiny dots that don’t quite connect.

    Look at the comments that follow his post. And look how many Lost defenders begin their answers with “I think”. To me, that says someone is about to supply me with an answer they themselves authored.

    He spends a lot of time on the fash sideways stuff but I don’t think anyone has a problem with that story in and of itself. I think what people have a problem with is that it’s only an ending in the way that all stories end in death eventually. It was their lives people were invested in. In one way it’s a story only Lost could get away with telling and I’m glad they did. But I can’t defend that it doesn’t have the slightest whiff of copping out for those invested.

  46. […] wish it didn’t have such a nasty tone, but here’s a good response to that college humor video of LOST’s unanswered questions: […]

  47. Why does ash keep the smoke monster at bay? Why does it look the way it does and make those sounds? The us military knows about the island right? How come ben and desmond didnt change into anything? The wheel does need an answer. you didnt answer how the russian guy died. why is jacob almost as bad as MIB. What really is MIB? So many pple on the outside world know about the island, shouldnt the general public like oceanic know? Whats the mark on juliet? How come they didnt answer anything? This isnt win, i hate saying that word, this is fail, i hate saying that too but evry 1 else is. Ive watched every episode as it aired and jack shit was answered. Ur as bad as the person who defended Transformers 2. Why does the lighthouse have power? Why does dogun keep the monster at bay? Why did the pool not do… something to sayid? How come the main stars died in really crappy ways? Why does walt have powers like teleportation and become all distant? Walt didnt use ”100s of computers” to contact John, thats a fuking lame answer. like all ur others. when the lockdown in the hatch happened, it did matter the color of the flashing lights, cus they revealed some random blueprints the creators of the show forgot about. what were the whispers? not the MIB thats for sure. what was the cabin… what a usless thing/place/ random shiite for u to even try and defend… horse , jacks da, eloise , …..this how didnt answer anything…. ive seen every episode and even wrote down mysteries during season 2 and 3… u go college humour… f u abc and carlton and lindolf or whatever… u liars. also, they stated the island wasnt purgitory, turns out it was…. LAME. why does the island travel through time with the wheel… why did walt kill a reading about 1? what happened to the kids on the flight? why did jack want to go back so badly, then get back n gets lost… jack started to suck as a character. answer these and u will prove college humour wrong… I should have stopped watching lost after season 2 like everybody else… so i wouldnt bother doing crap like this, like bashing a show that lied saying they would give answers…. why did the plane wreck at the final credits have no camp or clothes or body around it? Ill answer this… its because the shows creators wanted the following news station to get ratings, to help them for always promoting this shitte show… so u would watch the credits/ plane crash hen the news… thats the kinda show we watched folks, ur all blind. GO COLLEGE HUMOUR. also, i know im right so the the only things u pple will do now is 1: try n answer my questions, fat chance or 2: attack my grammar cus im 100% right. gnight. one last thing is it me or did the shows creators answer more in interviews than on the show itself? oh and 1 more mystery, whats with the 3 7 23 48 79 number things???? lost fail. college humour win.

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  49. […] Armchair Response to College Humor’s ‘LOST’s Unanswered – BlogMay 26, 2010 … Why did Horace tell Locke to meet Jacob in the cabin when it was the …… this shitte show… so u would watch the credits/ plane crash hen the … […]

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