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The Funniest Show on TV?


I don’t want it to be.  And it’s not even my favorite comedy.  But dammit if we’re talking pure lolz, this show exports more high potency jokes per capita than any other half hour in Primetime.

As your academic advisor, I urge you to enroll.

Here, enjoy “Romantic Expressionism” and see for yourself:  


2 Responses to “The Funniest Show on TV?”

  1. Well, I have to say I have become jaded in my old age, and I love this show. Joel McHale makes me laugh CONSISTANTLY on The Soup. I have to say, IMHO, that Joel and Daniel Tosh are my two favorite comedic personalities on TV currently.

  2. After tonight’s episode “Modern Warfare”, I must repeat myself…COMMUNITY IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV.

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