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Julia Roberts, LOL!

Were you guys aware that you LOVE Julia Roberts’ laugh? No?

When I’m made to think of it…sure, she is a lovely gal. She has a lovely laugh, why?
(Well, it’s more of a cackle now that I’m thinking, but …yes. )

Why are you asking us this, Voodrew?

Well, here’s the thing. One of my tragic character flaws is that I overanalyze things quite a bit. I recognize patterns and trends and get annoyed by them quicker than most. I go from casual observer, to John Nash in Beautiful Mind, making charts and crap in the shed behind my house with very little provocation.

I was working the other day, and the trailer for the new movie Valentine’s Day came on in the background. I wasn’t paying much mind until I heard Julia Roberts’s famous cackle, and then I looked up.

(You will find said cackle below at 0:14)

I had a thought in the back of my mind that was something akin to “Oh that Julia Roberts, seeing her happy warms my heart. I remember that laugh way back when I saw the trailer for Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere snaps the necklace box down onto her finger.”

Heh, and that Duplicity trailer.

Oh and…the Stepmom trailer.

Wait…wait a second.

Wait……That friggin’ cackle is in almost every FRIGGIN’ TRAILER!

Because it’s impossible for me to let anything like this go, I went to the Youtubes, and I just started searching for Julia Roberts movie trailers.
I’ll be (*&$%*)ed if almost every single one of her movies has her laughing that deep…hearty…cackle somewhere in the trailer.


Usually following a “Woo” or a “Starring Julia Roberts.”

Sure you have the Mary Riley’s, the Charlie Wilson’s Wars and the Sleeping with the Enemys which have nary a cackle, but think about this…
Almost EVERY ONE of her movies, that do not have her laughing in the trailer bombed the Box Office. Conspiracy Theory, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I know I know, logic would dictate it’s not about the trailer; it’s that we want to see her light hearted roles.

Let me just put this out there, do they make it point to show Jennifer Aniston’s laugh in every trailer? Ellen Page? Jodie Foster? Catherine Zeta Jones?

Sad Fact folks: You LOVE the Julia Roberts laugh, and they know how to market the ($%&*) out of it.

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Sit and bask in it.


7 Responses to “Julia Roberts, LOL!”

  1. LOLOL!!! Yoe make me cackle, voodrew! I do get tired of being manipulated by trailers. It’s fine if they do it well, but when they get too transparent, I wanna vom.

  2. a well placed *throat punch* for Miss Julia and her cackle.

  3. Guilty as charged! I do love that cackle. I only wish I had something that was that marketable. Fun article!

  4. Julia Roberts and her cackle are very annoying and women are morons if they continue to see these crappy movies based upon a laugh in the trailer.

  5. My dad has been talking about this for years! I never really thought about it until I did some research, and then I found this wonderful article. Thanks, for putting it in a nutshell. The internet is a wonderful thing.

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