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Pretty Ugly.

Dearly beloved, we gather here to say goodbye to a dear friend. A friend who, to some, was as misunderstood in cancellation as she was in her primetime.

A friend who taught us that a time-honored Hollywood tradition holds as true today as it did last week: That although a person may appear ugly on the outside, it’s just because someone gave her really big glasses.

And so, Ugly Betty, we commence you to syndication.  May you rerun in peace.

Ugly Betty (2006 – 2010) is survived by her breakout star America Ferrera, who will next be seen in the comedy “Our Family Wedding.”  Here’s a trailer that pretty much shows you the entire story.

One Response to “Pretty Ugly.”

  1. I really enjoyed the first season of Ugly Betty. I wish I could just take off my chin the way she can just take off her glasses. I’m really going to miss Dollhouse. I don’t get why nobody watched it.

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