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Really?  In 2010?

I wait all winter break for a clip show?  Do they even make those anymore??

NBC is really dropping the ball this week – first the late night fiasco, then they pull this stunt with their highest rated scripted comedy.

Also, you’d think that a mere 4 days after Ricky Gervais skewered the show on the Golden Globes for jumping the shark, the clip show would have more clips from recent episodes to sort of dispel any rumors that the best episodes are behind them.  By my count, there were about 5 shots from season 5 and only 1 from season 4.  The rest were all from seasons 1 – 3.

Clip shows don’t get you NEW viewers.  That’s like being new to a group of life-long friends and all they talk about are inside jokes from the old days.  So who’s it for?  The fans?

As a die hard fan, I can can tell you on behalf of the rest of us, we don’t need a clip show.  We watch the DVD’s over and over again – we watch on Hulu, we watch on, we watch on our phones, we have calendars and board games and posters.  we quote the show every day. 

We’re LIVING the clip show. 

At least with a rerun we know what we’re in for.  But when you get us excited about new stuff only to pull something like this…

NBC, you really Schruted it.


6 Responses to “A CLIP SHOW?!”

  1. LOLOL! I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! What the heck’s going on around here? I tuned in late, and I was like…what? What’s going on? Surely they explained this thing in the beginning…surely it has a purpose. Guess not. I’m flabbergasted…and my flabber is not easily gasted (believe me, I’ve tried).

  2. Humble Pie, please! This is a family site! Your flabber and its state of gastation is not an appropriate subject for polite conversation…!

    That being said, that show #$%^ my @#$% up. They didn’t really explain it. There were a couple of good gags at the beginning, then everything turned 80’s.

    wah wah waaah.

  3. Can I be the guy who starts the slow clap that builds into thunderous applause?!?!?!

  4. Yes, but only if I can be the guy who has to lower his gigantic sunglasses to gawk at feather-haired chicks.

  5. …Okay, then I’ll be the girl who finds out I was just a bet, stuck in detention, and nobody remembered my birthday. Nevermind, I’m Molly Ringwald.

  6. Ooh! Do you have a best friend who wants to be more but for some reason you can’t see that yet?

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