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LOST’s FINAL SEASON: 10 Things We Wanna Know!

I am a pretty jaded 32 year old geriatric that isn’t impressed by much, but I have to say, since the opening sequence to the very first episode of LOST… they have had me by the coconuts.
It is THE show that brought the mystery serial back to prime time. In 2004 when 80% of TV were ‘reality shows,’ it crashed our boredom plane into the ocean and made us think.

Harkening back to the old school mysteries, this show brought “Water Cooler” moments back to work. It gave the Moms of the world a little romance, it gave all the younglings of the world the mystery and sci-fi, and it gave the Dads the opportunity to constantly tell the family what he thinks is going on. “No Dad, it’s not purgatory….and we found out 4 seasons ago it wasn’t a T-Rex.”

On Feb. 2nd, LOST starts its much anticipated, albeit bittersweet, decent into the final season of the saga. With that said, there are a couple of important things that all of us LOSTies want to see answered by that final episode. Theories are abound, but the writers have been pretty good about setting things up in a way that prevents us from FULLY knowing until we lay our anxious peepers on them.

The following are some things we would like have answered and a couple of theories, BUT NO SPOILERS, just theories…

1. Who is the man in black?

The intro shot to last season’s finale showed Jacob, (in all white with blonde hair) with another man (in black with black hair), sitting on the beach of the island, presumably in the 1880’s. You get the impression that the man in black is Jacob’s nemesis, and it’s obvious they have been together for a REALLY long time. The two “men” argue about mankind in general, and Jacob sides with the potential of humanity.

ENEMY: They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.
JACOB: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.
ENEMY: Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?
ENEMY: One of these days, sooner or later… I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.
JACOB: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.

The Scuttle Butt: People are immediately jumping on the bandwagon that the nemesis is Esau from the biblical story of Jacob and Esau. I’m not going to go into the entire story; you can find it in Genesis 25 around verse 17. Two brothers, one scorned after his brother steals his birthright, stuff happens.

Why I don’t buy it: Just because there is a character named Jacob and he has a nemesis, doesn’t mean that they are Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau had a big story in the bible, but in no way were they mentioned as magical “Mythological” figures that would never age, allow other people not to age, and/or control the destinies of people coming and going on a mysterious Island. They were, in all intents and purposes, just men.

Why it might be true: The writers have had this show figured out in some form or another since the pilot episode. Locke even made mention to the “game” of black and white, (good an evil) in the pilot episode while talking to Walt on the beach.
LOCKE: “Backgammon’s the oldest game in the world. Archaeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins of old Mesopotamia. 5,000 years old… that’s older than Jesus Christ.”Two players, two sides. One is light, one is dark”

With that in mind, the only officially sanctioned LOST universe “novel” that has been written was called “The Bad Twin” which was released back in ’06. Jacob and Esau were the first set of twins mentioned in the bible, but is that enough of an argument?

2. Who/What/When/Where/Why is The Smoke Monster?

It has been referred to as the “Security System” of the island and it’s been called “Cerberus” by folks in The Dharma Initiative. There are even hieroglyphics showing that it was summoned by the Egyptian God Anubis, so we know it’s OLD and not man-made.

This is a mystery that I can say I’m happy with the amount of knowledge we have.
We have a mysterious island that has magical qualities that might be as old as time, why not have a magical security system that keeps people from using the properties of the island for nefarious purposes? Sounds good to me. Do we need more info that that?

But what is MORE important; how much do we see Ol’ Smokey when we don’t know it is Ol’ Smokey?

The Scuttle Butt: Can Smokey take the form of people? It looks like he already has when he appeared as Yemi to Eko before he made short order of him. There are also confirmed reports that he took the form of Walt, which got Shannon to follow him to her death. So, who and what have we been seeing on the Island that is just a manifestation of the Smoke Monster? Could this explain Jack’s Dad walking around? Could this also mean that the man in black is also the smoke monster?

3. Why is Richard ageless?

We found out “how” he is ageless in the Season 5 finale. Jacob, natch.
But why?
What is it about Richard that Jacob decided to keep as an “advisor” for a few hundred years beyond his expiration date? Who is Richard in the first place? How did he get here?

The Scuttle butt: I’ve heard two major theories;

A. Richardus was the Captain of the trading ship “The Black Rock” that crashed on the island in the 1800’s. (Seen in Season 1). That is probably the most logical.

B. However I do like the other theory that he is somehow a ‘lesser’ Egyptian God, and that explains the eyeliner.

Side Question: Are the official ‘THE OTHERS’ who hang out with Richard really the other crewfolk of the Black Rock? If not, how did they get there too, and what are they doing except walking behind Richard all the time?

4. What are the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42?

We have heard the answer to this already, but we still need to know how the numbers relate to the LOST mythos, and how they keep showing up EVERYWHERE:

The Scuttle Butt: (According to Lostpedia)
“It has been revealed in The Lost Experience that these six numbers are the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula designed to predict the end of humanity. The numbers in actuality are said to represent human and environmental factors in the equation (given numerical form), though their precise meaning is uncertain. One purpose of the DHARMA Initiative was to change the factors leading to humanity’s demise, which will be indicated by an alteration in at least one of the human/environmental factors – i.e. the numbers. However, in all its years of research, the Initiative failed to reach its goal.”

Ok, fine. But that doesn’t explain how almost every single thing connected in this show is containing these exact numbers in some way.
Like in Hurley’s Lottery Numbers, ….The Numbers on Hatch, ….Flight’815’…

Each main character sat in a seat on the plane with those numbers Ex: Ana Lucia sat in 42F…
In episode Exodus Part 2, When Hurley’s car broke down they showed the speedometer (in km/h) go from 16 to 15 to 8 to 4. The dashboard also displayed a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and 42 km on the odometer. Even stuff like Kate’s trial number, it’s NUTS!
Checkout this subject online; there are literally hundreds and hundreds of examples of these numbers showing up in episodes.
I’m really hoping they mean SOMETHING!

5. Who were Adam and Eve?

In season one, while searching for water, Jack found a series of caves that a lot of the survivors chose to live in. Within those caves were two decomposed “mummy” type bodies laying neatly in a crevasse.

Jack could tell that one was female and one was male. One had a white stone in its pocket, the other a black stone.

Well who the hell are these people? And why were they important enough to spend that much time on?

The Scuttle butt: There are TONS of theories on this, ranging from them actually being the ACTUAL Adam and Eve, and the Island is paradise lost. Some say it’s Kate and Jack after being caught skipping through time, some say Bernard and Rose, who decided to stay on the island no matter what…who will it be?

6. Why are all the people’s pasts connected off the island?

Almost every single major character has bumped into each other in some odd way before they came to the Island. Sawyer drank at a bar with Jack’s dad, Jack met Desmond while running in the stadium, Claire and Jack have the same father, Ana Lucia went to Australia with Jack’s Dad, Sawyer and Locke’s life was messed up by the same con man… the list goes on and on.
Why is that? How is that?

The Scuttle butt: Locke said in season 3 “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.”
Is it fate? If so, who controls fate? God? Karma? Jacob? The theme “Everyone on the island was brought here for a reason” seems to be brought up quite a bit.

Well, we’d like to know that reason.

7. Was the timeline corrected when the bomb went off at the end of last season?

Well that’s the million dollar question, and it is SO secretive that ABC can’t even show clips in the promos for next season because it would give that answer away immediately.
The only thing we CAN be sure of is that it didn’t just kill the entire cast of the show; otherwise it would be an hour of dead bodies lying around for 16 weeks.

The Scuttlebutt: I have read many theories about this, but I’m not going to post ANY of them for fear that one may be right …and that will be a major spoiler. I’m going to leave this baby for the Season Premier.

Here are a FEW other minor questions that I would like to see answered, but won’t destroy me if they aren’t:

8. What happened to Claire, and why does she have this relaxed kind of sexy look when we saw her in Jacob’s cabin? Does being dead make you hotter?

9. Why were Walt and the kids (And later the flight attendant, Cindy) kidnapped from the Tail section wreckage and taken to Dharma?

We later see them show up in season 3 walking around the Hydra as if they were employees.
Jack sees her with the kidnapped kids and recognized her from the plane and asks her how she ended up with the others. “It’s not that simple,” she replied and then Jack became angry. He asked her what she was doing there and she said she was there “to watch.”
What the hell does that mean? We need answers!

10. Why was Walt so special?

And is there any possible way to answer that since he’s about 20 years old now, and like 6 foot 2 with a mustache. Maybe it can be alluded to in dialogue. The only reason I care (since I hated Walt and Michael on the show) is it really seemed to be important to the overall experience. I’d like to know!

In conclusion, I simply cannot wait for this show to end, and I say that because… it is only one season away from being a NEARLY flawless television show …at least in my opinion (I know that’s a bold statement), and that doesn’t happen very often.
I’m a little sad, yes. But I’m happy for the gift they have given TV.

What do you fine folks think?

Are there mysteries that I haven’t mentioned that you CAN’T WAIT to find out?
Post them here! Keep the conversations going!

I leave you with this:


2 Responses to “LOST’s FINAL SEASON: 10 Things We Wanna Know!”

  1. Whoa! Absolutely epic. You’ve succeeded with this post in doing what millions of dollars in marketing could not – you’ve made me excited to see the final season of Lost.

    Before I read this, I kind of just…didn’t care. I felt like the big mystery was “hey, what’s with this island?” and the answer was “time travel” and I was like, “oh okay.” And went on with my life.

    But yeah, I forgot about all those little details…so okay, yeah. I’m in. One “Lost” please.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. You really nailed this list. We’re super excited here at the office to see the final season and as part of our web series “Lunki and Sika”, our latest episode is an homage to LOST.

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