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The King of Pop Lives to Sing ‘Another Day’

I know, I know…this site’s not about music.  Well, with judges like Quentin Tarantino and Ellen Degeneres, neither is American Idol and nobody’s calling them on that, so I say on with the show…


Though it’s been over 6 months already since Michael Jackson exited the stage, the reality of it still hits me every now and then.

And although the King of Pop has left the kingdom, like every artist, he lives on in his work – his game-changing music and revolutionary videos, both of which are byproducts of  his relentless pursuit of perfection.  A pursuit that unfortunately led him down a path from which there was no return.

Like numerous artists before him who left us before their time, he undoubtedly left many unfinished works behind.  Predictably, these unfinished pieces will be completed, polished and presented to us by an unsettling mix those who cared about the man, those who cared about his work and those who simply want to profit from a newly bankable star.

But regardless of how you feel about posthumously released work, it’s undeniably exciting to get a glimpse into the unseen library of one of music’s most influential minds.

The first of these inevitable glimpses was “leaked” onto the Internet earlier this week.  It’s called “Another Day” and it’s a collaboration between the King of Pop and Lenny Kravitz, written and produced by Kravitz, performed and recorded by Jackson.  While the powers-that-be try to decide the best way to make money from this track, we the fans can still enjoy the minute-and-a-half unmixed bit of track that managed to find its way to us.  Enjoy it while it lasts…

This is it.


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