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The Sing-Off is On…

Anyone besides me been watching NBC’s latest attempt at mooching off the success of Fox? It’s American Idol meets Glee (their words, not mine), The Sing-Off. The show invites 8 acapella groups to compete for the grand prize of $100,00 and a Sony recording contract.

The Sing Off

Now, I can’t lie and tell you the show is completely without entertainment value, especially to a nerd like me who loves acapella singing and barber shop quartets. I’m actually enjoying hearing these groups battle it out with no musical instruments other than their voices. But it can get pretty corny at times. Nick Lachey is the host of the week-long show, and although, for some strange reason, I had high hopes for him going into it, it turns out he’s no Ryan Seacrest.

The Sing Off, Nick Lachey

The groups have been pretty good so far, with Latin-based “Nota” and all-male Boston choir “The Beelzebubs” leading the pack. The routines are highly choreographed, and it sometimes feels a bit more like theater than just straight-up singing, but I don’t mind either.

The Sing Off, Ben Folds, Nicole Scherzinger, Shawn Stockman

Now, here’s the best part of the show. There are 3 judges who narrow the competition by 2 groups each night: Boyz 2 Men’s Shawn Stockman, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and…wait for it…Ben Folds. (sigh) Aaaaaaaaaand, I love him. LOVE Ben Folds. Have loved him for oh so long. He’s AMAZING…and totally worth watching the show for. An incredibly talented piano player and singer/song-writer (formerly of Ben Folds 5), and also with the knowledge to actually be a great judge in this competition, Ben Folds is worth the price of admission, even if you don’t dig beboxing and 5-part harmonies.

What does everyone think of the show so far?


3 Responses to “The Sing-Off is On…”

  1. “Hi, I’m Voodrew, I am a heterosexual man, and I actually enjoy the sing off.”

    It’s suprisingly entertaining!

  2. I’m surprised the Sil’hooettes from the University of Virginia weren’t on this show. Those girls would have given everyone a run for their money and definitely would have held it down for the ladies. I think their version of “Bust Your Windows” is even better than Glee!

    See for yourself:

  3. Thanks, Beth…that video was fantastic! 🙂 I’m sort-of rooting for Voices of Lee in the competition, even though I don’t think they’ve been the best yet in any of the rounds so far, and I doubt they’ll win it. All my friends went to that school, and I’ve been there to visit and think it’s a great college. I’m thinking Nota or The Beelzebubs are gonna win it, though I was totally shocked they kicked Noteworthy off last night and kept Max Factor, who I thought sounded really flat on most of their songs. I’m also surprised the So-Cals are still in it, though I thought they were much better last night.

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