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Only the Good Die Young…

I just found out that one of mine and my sons’ favorite kids shows was dropped from Nick Jr./Noggin. They’ve been airing re-runs of the first season for a while now, so I decided to look online and see when the new season of The Upside Down Show would be starting. Turns out never. Seriously? And Max and Ruby is in it’s 4th season, a show about 2 bunny rabbits that looks like the animation was done in the 1950’s and can put my 3-year-old to sleep?

The Upside Down Show is by far the best show for preschoolers on tv right now, rivaled only by Sesame Street…and since it’s co-produced by the Sesame Workshop, it’s little wonder. My kids love  it…and for good reason. It’s funny, inovative, smart and totally entertaining…not to mentioned educational. The award-winning show stars world-renowned Australian comedy duo Shane Dundas and David Collins, known as The Umbilical Brothers. These guys are incredibly talented, and the show rests completely on their creative shoulders. The whole concept is really fresh, especially to parents of young children who grow so very weary of snoozers like Little Bill or Oswald.

Dear Nickelodeon Execs,



Your Disappointed Audience

PS: …and also,


2 Responses to “Only the Good Die Young…”

  1. Oswald, Little Bill, Toot and Puddle – BORING! And Max and Ruby always leaves me wondering, where are their bunny parents? Why is Max so speech delayed for a 3yr old – he needs some speech therapy! And poor 7yr old Ruby is just trying to raise her little 3yr old brother – that’s why she is so bossy half the time. Seriously though, that show really annoys me! 🙂 At least the Upside Down show guys made me laugh a little while I was watching with my son. He LOVES the “Movie Theatre” episode 🙂

  2. LOL! For real! There are some seriously challenged shows on Noggin and Nick Jr…and they all seem to be made in Canada, judging by everyone’s accents. It’s really sad that such a great show is being let go in its prime. 😦

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