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You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

Was anyone else more than slightly disappointed with the season finale of Glee last night? Okay, so we all knew Mr. Schuster was going to leave his wife for Emma once he found out she was lying about the whole pregnancy thing (a season-long build-up I was truthfully beginning to grow weary of). But I thought the final love-scene between Mr. Schuster and Emma Pillsbury fell somewhat flat, pun intended. 

First of all, where has Emma been the last few episodes? We haven’t seen or heard much from her in a while…and I think that was a mistake. She’s been out of our minds long enough to let us forget about the chemistry we’d seen between them in the first few episodes.

Secondly, they’ve been setting up Will Schuster’s character as a really good guy. He wouldn’t cheat on his wife. Wouldn’t even lead Emma to think they had any sort of future together. He was up-front about it. So much so that you started to wonder if he really liked her. Especially in the episode where Rachel develops a crush on Mr. Schu. Rachel and Emma are sitting watching him perform a musical number, and it’s obvious both girls have a crush. All we see is Mr. Schuster looking at both of them as if he’s creeped out by both of their affections.

My point? There didn’t seem to be much internal struggle for him. I wanted to see him in pain over the fact that he had feelings for Emma when he knew they were wrong. I just didn’t see much of that. What I saw was a man turning away the affections of a woman he cared about, because he loved, if not liked, his lazy, neurotic wife at home, and because he was too decent of a guy to cheat. Bravo. 

Third, the writers have always used one tool that I think really works on the show…paralleling Will’s story with Finn’s. The two male protagonists are with the wrong woman, constantly pulled in different directions by what they want and what other people want from them…their stories, particularly their love stories, are what we care about. Maybe it would have been cheesy to have Finn choose Rachel in the same episode that Will chooses Emma…but what happened with Finn and Rachel’s story? NOTHING. And unless I missed something, not even a HINT was given that something might possibly happen in the future. I mean, obviously it will, but c’mon…throw us a frickin’ bone here!

I don’t know…I just felt unsatisfied and unsettled when it was all over. You never actually saw Schuster “leave” his wife in an official way. You didn’t really feel he was torn about his decision to get with Emma. Plus, that ending scene, when he was running to find her? I didn’t feel his passion! And the kiss? NO CHEMISTRY! After all that, I ended up wishing he hadn’t been so quick to get together with Emma. It felt wrong, and out of character for him. He made a conscious choice, it wasn’t just a kiss in the heat of passion or a moment of weakness. It wasn’t natural for his character…just felt forced to me. Listen, I’m as big a Gleek as the next female pre-teen adolescent, but…does anyone know what I mean when I say I felt cheated…more importantly, felt like Mr. Schuster cheated?

PS- Sue Sylvester is THE BEST thing this show has going for it, and she just gets better and better. This finale did one thing right: get everyone psyched about that “Sleeping Giant” Will awakened. Delish!


6 Responses to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”

  1. i agree totaly. i feel like they didn’t think it thru. are there any more this season? or is it over?

  2. No, that was the final episode of season 1. Luckily we’ve got “Sing-Off” to hold us over til next season, LOL. 🙂

  3. Glee = awesome! K, I’m done.
    Totally agree about the Finn/Rachel thing. I have an emptiness that needs to be filled with some Rachel/Finn lovin.

  4. I know! I like them making us wait a while before they get together, but I’m starting to grow tired of Rachel getting pooed on, ya know? She needs to play a little harder to get. I guess I just don’t like Finn constantly turning her down…and her continually putting herself out there. I’m ready for her to start having a teensy bit of self-respect, ya know?

  5. oh my good mr.schuster is so hot

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