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Flight Cancelled.

I don’t wanna be that guy who says “I was into Flight of the Conchords before being into Flight of the Conchords was cool”, but I was totally into Flight of the Conchords before being into Flight of the Conchords was cool. 

But now sadly, that flight has come to an end, as well as any cred that may have been clinging ever so perilously to my bragging rights – which nobody ever gave a flip about anyway.

This show gained cult status pretty quickly (can it be cult if it’s still on the air??) and in the process formed two very distinct brands of fans – those who think Jermaine is the super-awesomest and those who had the wrong opinion about who is the super-awesomest.

Regardless, because they became so popular so quickly, it’s tough to pick a clip that is THE definitive fan favorite, so instead I’ll just post mine.  Enjoy.  We’ll miss you, boys. You were the most beautiful band in the room. 

The whole wide room.

2 Responses to “Flight Cancelled.”

  1. I have no idea who/what Flight of the Conchords is…but that video just made me spit out my drink, so…I think I’ll jump on the fanwagon, just like you probably did yesterday, Mr. “I was into it before it was cool!” Ha! 🙂

  2. oh noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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