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America: Nerd World Country

File this one under “NERDS, REVENGE of the.”  Because it finally happened.

Once is nothing.  An anomaly.  Could be the emergence of a new trend or it could just be a bump in the road.  Remember Mike Tyson?  Of course.  Remember “Buster” Douglas?  Nope.

But TWICE?  Ah, twice.  Twice is a pattern.  A trend.  Twice is something to pay attention to.  Twice is a beginning.  That’s why a pilot needs to be good, but the second episode needs to be GREAT –  because that’s when the story truly begins.  And in the ongoing war of Jock v Nerd, here’s where the story stands…

For the second week in a row, the CBS-nerd-fest sitcom “Big Bang Theory” beat ESPN’s Monday Night Football in the 18 – 49 ratings demo.

Think about that for a second. Scripted television – a sitcom about dorks, no less – beats out a live broadcast of America’s most popular sport.  I understand in these economically flaccid times when comedy beats drama, when drama beats documentary – because escapism is the order of the day.  But I don’t think a sitcom is inherently more escapist than a football game.  So what else could this trend mean?

Are women finally becoming the key demographic by which ratings should be judged?  ABC owes its monster ratings to a primarily women-oriented primetime lineup.

In an America where so many are out of work, is watching overpaid athletes vie for points starting to not sit right?

Or is “big Bang Theory” just that good?

I don’t know.  All I do know is, if you hear an indistinguishable, yet distinctly high-pitched murmur in the air on your way home from work, that may just be the nerds of the world having their last laugh as the geek inherit the earth.

Also, if that sound is followed quickly by a sonic boom, that’s the nerds being given simultaneous atomic wedgies.


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