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The ARMCHAIR gives thanks…!

Today, families, friends and loved ones all over the country are gathering round their dinner tables, dining halls and dorm rooms to celebrate one of the finest and fondest moments of our collective experience.  That’s right, IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY!


Also, I think it may be Arbor Day or something…

But for realsies…

Here in the Armchair this Thanksgiving Day, we’re taking a break from appreciating the mundane array of life’s blessings – pesky, insignificances such as family, friends, shelter, food, love – and taking a little time out to focus on something with a little more zing to it.

Today, the Moguls give thanks not for the meal, but for the spice.  Sure it’s the turkey and the stuffing and the endless helpings of my sister Tori’s potato salad that sustain us and nourish our bodies, but it’s the SALT –  the BUTTER, the GRAVY for heaven’s sake – that we really appreciate.  That’s the stuff that turns biological necessity into pure sensory pleasure.  When you go to bed tonight, your skin greasy with oils, your teeth mortared with meat and your waistline a shell of its former self, it’ll be those taste-o-riffic touches of topping that’ll have you getting up at 3am scavenging for more.

So while, yes, it’s great to be alive and sure, it’s wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones and of course, every breath is a gift – let’s take just a few minutes out of our day and throw some love at the condiments of life, our beloved entertainments and those who bring it to our lookin’ balls.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving from the Armchair!


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