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CAST THIS: Khan Noonien Singh

Arguably one of the biggest fanboy faves in the Star Trek Universe… Khan Noonien Singh… stabbed at us with hell’s heart in the old Star Trek series, and later in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Played so perfectly over the top by Ricardo Montalban, it’s hard to think of anyone EVER taking up the mantle of Khan in the newly minted J.J. Abrams Star Trek universe. However, the moment a sequel was mentioned, the internet went a flutter. Will we would see our lovable, tortured Spaniard?

“Dealing with Khan would certainly be a challenge, but we had an equal challenge in finding our crew of the Enterprise.” – J.J. Abrams

Although nothing has been confirmed, I think it’s a pretty obvious that we are going to see Khan in HD and covered in lens flares.

The question NOW is, “Who do WE think is capable and worthy enough to play him?”

Mainly because, (although I have no way of confirming it,) I have heard from reliable sources that is where J.J. Abrams gets most of his ideas.

One thing is for sure, no matter who you pick. Shatner is not going to be happy.

P.S. I have just as hard of problem doing this, as I would having to recast Terrance Stamps’ Zod. It’s almost like they don’t exist as actors, the only exist in these roles…what say you?

– Voodrew

9 Responses to “CAST THIS: Khan Noonien Singh”

  1. Antonio Banderas…..just to watch every Trekkie on earth(and Shatner) implode. 🙂

  2. Some shoes just can’t be filled.

  3. Obviously this is a role for Johnny Depp.

  4. Are they really doing Khan for the sequel??? Bad move!!!!

    • Bad move, you say? Tell me more…

      I realize that if the Trek series continues to be successful, it’s inevitable to do Kahn eventually. I think if they movie-ized “Space Seed”, that’d be a pretty good move. That way it’s not directly compared to “Wrath”, plus they get to set up their own continuity.

      That said, I think Nestor would be a solid pick. Remember, Khan was supposed to be a genetic superman…so who better to play an egocentric super-powered prick than Bat Manuel? : )

  5. Yes i agree with the idea of doing Khan eventually, but considering that that the last 5 or so Trek films all had a “madman with an agenda”, it’s getting a little old, don’t you think?? Also time travel is the other premise to stay away from for awile. I just think that there are other areas of the Trek universe to explore. Strange phenomenon, a new alien threat, twisted realities, bringing back omnipotent beings ala Trelane or Q? I don’t know..I understand that the movies always had to cater to a broader audience but i wouldn’t mind seeing a movie about what Trek is really about and that’s seeking out new life…well you know the rest.

  6. I think we shouldn’t box ourselves in to Latin-lovers. As long as there’s a foreign accent I’ll be happy. Someone who does “crazy” well and who could pull off the breast plate. My vote goes to Christian Bale.

    “Oh, gooooood for you Kirk! You’re a nice guy and all, but we’re fucking done professionally!”

    Or we could say “Srew it!” and give it to Sulu:

  7. LOLOL! Where’d you find that effing pic of Sulu?!? I guess you’re right, there’s no need for Khan’s return to also be a Latin explosion. It’s just hard to cast Khan and NOT Ricardo…!

    Here’s a crazy one for your collective faces, how about the bad guy from Basterds? Christoph Waltz? We know he can be smug, articulate and a right bastard when called for.

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