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The Tradition Continues…

DollhouseSeriously…WHAT IS UP???

What’s it say about the state of TV when one of its most talented alums can’t keep a show on the air?

What went wrong here?  Was it the material?  Was it the pacing?  Was it us?  Or are we just too old to play with dolls?

Granted, Dollhouse wasn’t my favorite of Whedon’s offerings – I think the premise looks better on paper than on the screen – but still, there’s a quality there you don’t get with most shows and certainly not in anything sci-fi…

So what’s the dealio?  Why aren’t we letting Joss play any reindeer games?

Can anyone explain how THIS:

Plus THIS:

Equals CANCELLED?joss

Oh well.  Dollhouse: Season 3, coming to a comic shop near you…



2 Responses to “The Tradition Continues…”

  1. The bigger question for me, is how SyFy didn’t pick up Firefly. Meanwhile, I think I saw a commercial for Mansquito 6.

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