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Harrison Ford In Training?


It has been thrown around in conversation of late that Nathan Fillion, star of Castle and Firelfy/Serentiy, could POSSIBLY be the one to fill the shoes of ‘Harrison Ford’ type roles.

Being such a fan, I’m afraid I might be a little biased…BUT…

Can anyone think of any other actor that could easily slip into the roles of both Han Solo and Indiana Jones as easily as our own Captain Tightpants, Nathan Fillion? Discuss.

– Voodrew

4 Responses to “Harrison Ford In Training?”

  1. YESSSSSSSS! Joe Flanigan. THIS GUY.

    Watch Stargate Atlantis, not only does he look like Harrison Ford, his acting at least in the role of John Sheppard, is a mini Harrison Ford in training. While watching SGA all I could think of was how he would be perfect for any indiana Jones, Star Wars remake.

  2. Being probably the world’s biggest Indy fan, I can think of only one guy to fill Ford’s shoes, and that is Fillion. He’s perfect, but let’s face it, only because Ford has had to have been a major influence on the guy. I used to think the only other guy would’ve been Dennis Quaid, who looks a lot like Ford even today. However his choice in movie roles….well that’s a whole different discussion.

  3. I couldn’t agree more.

    Ford has the ability to take a licking and then come back for more get more snot beat out of him and still manage to get up. Fillion has proven that he can do the same.

    Maybe its because they both got to play space cowboys… the its only right that Fillion gets a turn at an Indy type role like i don’t know… Uncharted anyone?

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