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Magnum P.I. casting call…

I know Hollywood isn’t much into remakes these days.  Today’s studio exec is all about taking chances on talent and story rather than cashing in on nostalgia and betting on a safe buck.  I know this, you know this – I’m  preaching to the choir.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say they weren’t, and remakes of 80’s TV properties were the hottest thing around.

Fellow Mogul Hothumblepie recently posted her interest in seeing Magnum P.I.’s pistol-packin man-dukes gracing our cinemaplexes, although she may not have used those exact words.

Regardless, let’s say that were to happen…what would be the chances of actually getting our boy Tom Selleck back in his Hawaiian duds for some good old-fashioned private dick work?? 

Furthermore, if execs followed their cold, black hearts and did the usual thing, who would be our new Thomas Magnum?  Who would you want to see don the famous stache with a side order of chest hair?


9 Responses to “Magnum P.I. casting call…”

  1. It really depends on the movie you’re looking to make. If you want a faithful reboot of the franchise, then you’re stuck with a real hunk. Maybe someone like Eric Dane, (Grey’s Anatomy’s McSteamy) but who wants that? Well, if you do want that, Dane, (like Selleck in the early 80’s), would be relatively unknown as far as movie stars go, which might be a good thing for the movie, but a bad thing for the box office. On the other hand, if you want to make a fun romp of a flick that pokes fun at the dated original series, you might ask someone like Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson to lose the razor, squeeze into some cut-offs, and start cracking wise. I choose the latter.

  2. For me, it’d have to be Tom Selleck. Maybe it’s b/c no one else has the heart (or the legs) to do it justice, maybe it’s b/c I have an unhealthy crush on Tom that my mom passed down to me when I was about 8, or maybe it’s b/c all the comedic or even “hunky” actors now-adays just seem too whimpey for Magnum PI. (Could just be the crush talkin’ though). If I HAD to choose an alternative, maybe Ashton Kutcher or Vince Vaughn–someone who has the charm and at least a little bit of the “macho” Selleck exuded in the series. My top pick, of course, would be George Clooney, although that would never happen. With my luck, they’d cast Ben Affleck…followed swiftly by my suicide.

  3. Oddly enough, my FIRST choice was Ashton Kutcher as well – and not even cuz I like him – he was just…there…! I just didn’t want to taint anyone’s opinion by naming him in the original post…could it be that ASHTON KUTCHER is subconciously this generation’s Magnum P.I.??? AND HOW CAN THAT BE??!?!?!

  4. Ooooohhhh…could be! I recently watched that Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kosner movie on tv (yeah, you don’t remember the name either, and for good reason), so he was someone I thought of. I just think Kutcher is charming (aside from his looks), and that’s def what I loved about Magnum.

  5. It´s Tom Selleck or nothing. Do it right or don´t do it.

  6. I vote for Dan Payne to play the next Magnum. Ex Volley ball pro, 6′ 4″ he is the MAN. no one else out there other than Tom himself.

  7. I vote Dan Payne to play the next Magnum PI
    he’s got it all check him out

  8. Okay. So we’ve heard from Dan Payne. Anyone else?

  9. Well if the Dan Payne camp gets to vote, I vote Andrew Cremeans. He’s smart, talented and handsome.

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