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The A-Team…B movie? Discuss.

ATeamGroup1If you had a problem, if no one else could help, and if you could find them, would YOU hire… This A-Team?

We got Bradley Cooper as “Face”, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as “B.A.”, District 9’s Sharlto Copely as “Murdock”, and Liam Neeson as “Hannibal.” 

I dunno.  Seems okay, I guess.  I would’ve enjoyed a bit more star power, but at least it doesn’t seem like a comical retelling of the show like Starsky and Hutch – or did I imagine that movie? Seriously, does that movie exist??  S&H might be a good candidate for THE GAME.  (more on that later.)

I should add that upon further inspection, the van looks suspiciously like an SUV shrouded in smoke.  Now I know it’s not exactly cool to tool around in a toaster on wheels here in the age of The Swift and the Angry: Hong Kong Drifters (or whatever it’s called), but that toaster was one of the FEW iconic things about the show that MIGHT still be buried beneath the frontal lobes of today’s viewer. 

Or, maybe it won’t matter at all. 

But I’m gonna call it right now – A-Team, 2010 opening weekend…$20 mill with a SWIFT drop off immediately after. (Perma-link THAT, Internets!)

Furthermore, the final moment in the trailer will be a stern-faced B.A. Baracus staring down the camera after having just been asked how he feels about the bad guy they’ll be taking on…his answer, a low, rumbly “I pity the fool.” 

And the theatre groans. Because teenagers don’t get the reference.

Anyway, that’s MY call.  Forcast time, Moguls, will this plan come together?


10 Responses to “The A-Team…B movie? Discuss.”

  1. Liam and Bradley is great. I’m fine with the others too, but I think Murdock should have been Simon Pegg.
    There’s no way this could be bad, because the source material was only as good as this poster. No matter which way they go with it, it’ll be fine. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the A TEAM. But there’s not a lot of real cannon here to screw up, right? Unless they make BA love flying.

    • I think you’re right. This is a wn-win as far as source material goes.

      The question is, does anybody remember/care enough about the A Team for this thing to fly? Will it Speed Racer/Mod Squad/Shaft/Avengers/Dukes of Hazard/Josie and the Pussycats its way to the bottom/middle or Scooby Doo/Transformers/Star Trek its way to the top?

      My theory is that something needs to be 20 years old – no more, no less – and have a continuing presence of some kind in modern pop culture to succeed (song, catch phrase, cool vehicle, star). I don’t know if A-Team has the second thing going. No one makes BA Baracus jokes anymore. Don’t be surprised if you start to see Mr. T pitying fools in reality shows or commercials early next year.

  2. Personally guys I believe that the A-Team is going to be one of those moderate successes that disappear from the forefront of the movie-goer’s memory not too long after its release. As Davenpoe said there’s just no real connection between what these characters represented when the TV show was on and the movie going public right now. All of us 30-somethings will have an interest… sure but the 20-somethings and the tweens? I think not. When is the last time you saw an A-Team rerun? Even Spike TV, the only real TV network supposedly “devoted” to the testosterone, ‘splosion-driven consciousness of the american male hasn’t placed the show into its rotation. Does not bode well for a huge box-office run for this flick. In my opinion, expect a lukwarm response to A-Team unless some genius writer makes some unforeseen connection with all of us… which we all know is REALLY tough when everyone now suffers from ADHD if there isnt an explosion, fight or death every 10 minutes in the modern action flick.

    I’ll be in line for it… but I’m stupid. lol

    • I second that forecast.
      The director is the guy what did Smokin’ Aces, which I didn’t see. Anybody see it? Is there amazing action in it? Good jokes? It looks like a Guy Richie (Snatch, Lock stock) rip off, but I dunno.

      Either way, they got their work cut our for ’em.

  3. I agree with you guys too. I saw Aces and it thought it was cooler than it really was. The action was decent, but the thing it really had going for it was the cameos. I think that would be cool in an A-Team movie. Maybe Cloris Leachman as “the van”
    -Retardo Montlebon

  4. Haven’t seen it but I feel like that type of movie… you know, the Indy Euro-Saxon Crime Flick has kind of hit its expiration date too no? Snatch was great, Lock Stock and 2 Smokin Barrels was good, Rock n’ Rolla’ I still haven’t made it through the entire movie… after three tries.
    Still… might be interesting to see that style of film applied to suck Americanised characters… maybe… uhm… or it could be the worst thing ever…

  5. A-Team? I say bring on the Magnum PI movie! Tom Selleck proving he can still frolic about the Big Island in those little shorts solving crimes, seducing women, doing a little NRA product placement? Um…yes please.

  6. Liam always rocks, no matter what. Even in ‘Satisfaction’ starring Justine Bateman. However, B.A. doesn’t look B.A. enough.

  7. […] months ago, the Armchair posted THIS article making some predictions about the A-Team movie based solely on a single image of the cast. […]

  8. […] months ago, the Armchair posted THIS article making some predictions about the A-Team movie based solely on a single image of the cast. […]

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