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law-order-svu2In the network television system, mediocre crime dramas are considered especially heinous.
On NBC, the dedicated producers who combat these lazy felonies are members of hit-or-miss show known as the Special Victims Unit.

…these are their stories.


I dunno if anyone’s still watching Law and Order: SVU, but I gotta say, it’s firing on all cylinders this season.  Benson and Stabler are the best crime fighting duo on TV right now.  My man-crush on Christopher Meloni remains intact as sure as Mariska Hargitay remains the most beautiful lady-cop on TV – I can’t decide if I’d rather take her to dinner or have her crush my larynx for obstruction (get it? Ah, who needs ya’s…), but either way, I’d die happy (or dine happy depending on which way she went with it.)

As many of you know, I’m a die hard NBC whore.  Literally, I work corners nights and weekends exchanging sensual pleasures for half-hour blocks of primetime NBC programming.**  Or do I watch half-hour blocks of primetime NBC programming in exchange for sensual pleasures? Come to think of it, as a married man in my 30’s I’m usually at home on nights and weekends and have found that TV watching and sensual pleasures are mutually exclusive – so never mind the botched metaphor.

The point is, I thought that since Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters left the show to create Reaper over on the CW, the golden days of SVU were over – and for a while, they were.  But, wow – the good times are back.  Stabler’s abusing suspects, Benson’s confronting demons, there are guest stars galore and if I’m not mistaken, Huang cane out of the closet last week.  

So, to make a long blog at least a sentence longer, the Special Victims Unit is indeed special again.


*Law and Order sound onomonopia

**This, of course, excludes the Jay LeNO SHOW

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